EVO Hypebeasters!

I saw a few doods rockin heat at evo. samB had some push heads goin. chobo had some surfer heat. saw some dood with a surpreme hat. saw the matrix with some jordan viii retros. NKI with that Milo. potts with the undftd tee. next year at evo me sam and chobo for hottest shit tournament.

chobo: u seen the fanta bapestas? just copped the grapes. them shits are bananas! i mean, grapes.

lol, i saw them easters…

and saw a few tiffs.

someone had some xi lows

yeah i like easters

those shits broke necks, solid snake style

All I know is that my shoes were spinning. :sad:

Actually, after your guy’s showing of beastly shoes I went out and got some Adidas Trons.

low top white on white shell toe adidas or the retro j’s(13) is all i need to rock out…evo2k7 hottest shit tourney lol i like that.

zachs spinnner shoes are gGAGANNstsaa. but yea people who play FG have more heat then i thought before hand. i didn’t see any dragonball z shirts ne where.

ps i saw way 2 many tiffs. i was suprised

so0 hit me up if your interested in these true blue 3s. sz.10.5

thanks markman lol.

i just got rid of the easters btw. sold em for a buck fifty. dont want em nomo! gotta cop some clots and jordan v grapes in a couple weeks.

and as for the tiff’s. i see mad tiff’s every day. i saw alot of tiff’s at evo. alot of FAKE tiff’s lol. saw a fake hieny too. next year if I see someone rockin a fake Im bashing on you no joke sorry.

preppy: i saw your spreewell spinners. ridin dirty!

sam: Im straight my man. I wear a sz 11-12. let me know if you miss out on the jordan v’s. me and a group are campin out for those. gonna have a bundle to sale. i just got in some aloha’s from a homie. sz 10 get at me if you want em. $150and dont even ask if theyre authentic lol. or Ill kill you :lovin:

Hella what’s good soo, soo always coming with something nice. Wow there was alot of tiffs? I saw one other pair I had tiffs on friday. I don’t see many tiffs here in vegas but I’m sure most tiffs people be rockin are fake :(.

I was rocking surfers/Captin america/tiffs next year I’ll bust dunkles out :]

soo: Yeah I saw those I’m prob going to pick those up also hah

your game is too buff chobo, too buff. congrats on the undftd opening in vegas! dont go breaking too many necks now you hear?!

sup with every single fucking body coming out with a clothing line these days. kanye’s “pastel”, lupe fiasco’s “righteous kung fu”? gawd damn…

Yeah man I saw that, I unno how i feel about all that. :smiley: I aint going to lie though I’m feeling that one video by lupe “Day dreaming” :smiley:

it’s a “videogame” tournament. what are you guys doing trying to impress members of the same sex?

count me in for the hottest shit tournament next year. i’ll be rocking my pink bapes, chobo knows what’s up. :wgrin: :lovin:

Ya’ll are nice with it. I was gonna rock my cincos, but I didn’t get top 8 so mexico said no. So I just rocked kentuckys the weekend. D=

I gotta step my game up next evo…

im serious. im running the hottest shit tournament next year haha.

and its not about attracting the same or opposite sex. its about attracting every fucking thing in the world.


that’s what’s good!

no kyopta.

very good shit on 4th place!

thanks mr. windy city.
hope to see you make it out next year.

mad fucking boo face :smiley: dude got them fresh bapes and always cheesin HARD :] the homie from chicago ;). Soo I’m hitting up the undftd store tonight it’s not open yet but I’ll see what’s up.

LA Flight Club is supposed to be openin’ up today. You gonna check that out Soo?

I’m mostly a Js kinda guy but there are a few kicks out there I just simply LOVE… like PlayStation AF1s. T.T

theres a flight clun opening in LA? thats crazy. not that we need one. Ill prolly go peep it but I doubt Ill ever buy anything there. their prices are rape in NY, Im sure LA will be the same.

I used to be mainly a jordan head, but I sold most of mines a few years ago and started gettin a shitload of af1’s, dunks, bapes, air maxes ect.
I think Ill be returning to my J roots with the upcoming heat he is putting out.
I hear a DMP 2 is in the near future :looney:

Yeah the Flight Club LA is over off Fairfax near Supreme. The opening was postponed to Saturday(Today).

I’ll probably drive up from SD this weekend or next to check it out.