Evo in 1997-2002


Does anyone know the results for the Evo/Battle of the Bay tournaments in those years? I have some info for evo2k2 but I’m sort of in the dark about B1 to B5. I’m working on the Wikipedia page for Evo and I just needed the info.


B3 was 1996, in SFA2 I know Valle took first and Choi took second but I don’t remember the rest. The whole top 16 tape is on zachd.com if you want to check.

B2 was in 1998 I think but I have no idea what the results were.

B4 was 1999 I think? Main game was SFA3, Choi took first and Valle second. Thao Duong 3rd maybe?

B5 was…2001? Before CvS2 came out I think. Main game was MvC2, I think Justin took first, Duc second. Whole thing is on zachd.com anyway.

There was no B1.


Thanks for the info, I’ve been looking for the results on the forums for awhile but they must have got deleted. Also, was the tournaments at this time Capcom only or did they feature other series like VF and Tekken?


First “Evo” was 2k2, and I don’t believe so. I know that they were NOT console tournaments. They had cabinets, from what I remember… (Look at Soo vs. Justin in 2k3 WCxEC TT for MvC2) I Think they’re standing at a cabinet…
2k4, i think was when they went console, but I could be mistaken.
I do want to say there were 8 games at the tournament though… and now that I think about it, I thought TTT was part of that bunch…
Super Turbo, MvC2, CvS2, 3S, TTT, Tekken 4? and yeah, I can’t think of the rest… 2k2 is when I got into competitive fighters, so I don’t know… Maybe VF4 and GGXX?


b2 was actually in Boston believe it or not…


B5 definitely was in 2001 and the first Evo was in 2002.

B5 had MvC2, SFA3, ST, [goes through his compilation of past Evo DVDs…] CvS2, and 3S. All on arcade cabinets. Tekken was not until later on in the Evo series and I want to say that the first was Tekken 5 in 2005. I’m not sure about 2004 (I was deployed that year)



b5 was

  1. justin (storm/sent/cammy, magneto/cable/cammy)
  2. duc (spiral/cable/cyke, spiral/cable/sent. interestingly he uses cyke more than the sentinel which he is well known for today)
  3. viscant (doom/storm/sentinel, marrow/storm/sentinel, doom/storm/cyke)
    other notables are combofiend using a magneto/cable/cyke team instead of the iron man for which he is well known, alex valle using blackheart/sent/commando, a japanese player named white placing relatively high for mvc2 (top 64 i think?), golden nismor using spiral/cable/sent (the team which is now known as “team duc”). there’s footage on preppy’s site.

i believe duc won b4 mvc2 with a top 8 that included arturo sanchez, eddie lee, alex valle, some others but i am uncertain of the order. the mvc2 footage hasn’t been uploaded anywhere as far as i know.


evo2k4 they had T4


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TTT was at evo2k3.


Both TTT and T4 were in Evo2k3 and 2k4. Was Vampire Savior also at any of the Tournaments in the past?


They ha

I thought They had T4 at 2004. I was such a blur I don’t remember anything but kuni’s gief vs justins sagatin ST and daigo’s ken parry vs justin chun li in 3s evo moment #37. I was there in the house for that moment. Why is evo so hype when I attend? 2004, 2010, 2011.


EVO didnt become a console tournament until 2004

Anything prior to that was held in arcade
I still rememer those B4 finals where Alex Valle was using Iron Man Sentinel Balckheart :lovin:


Vsav wasn’t played in the past either.


EVO went console in 2003.


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B3: 1996, SFA2. Valle was 1st, Choi 2nd, Jason Nelson 3rd, Jeff Schaefer 4th. The matches are on youtube.

B2: 1997, SFA2. Choi was 1st (I think).

USFGC: 1998, SFA2, MvC1, SF3: SI, ST, T3, VF3. Valle had the most points.

B4: 2000, ST, SFA2, SFA3, 3S, MvC2. Valle had the most points, top 3 in every game.

B5: 2001, ST, MvC2, CvS1, SFA3. First time the Japanese come. BAS was 1st in SFA3, Chikyuu was 1st in CvS1, Justin Wong was 1st in MvC2 (he actually started his reign of dominance earlier, but he did this on the national stage), I think Jason Cole was 1st in ST.


I need to remember to ask them to make a sort of history page on the evo2k website…

Unfortunately, WP editors get really picky about where info comes from, and usually freak out when someone adds something from an “unreliable source”. Which includes forums. Sorry OP/guys who posted answers already.


aaaam… no…


What, you meant full console? When did it go console by your terms then?

I played SC2 and tekken on console that year.

I believe MVC2 (not sure) and 3rd strike were on arcade. I think VF4 was on console as well.

Was that the year EVO had those custom Red Octane sticks?