Evo is not a tournament for the fighting game community

<@MrWizard> man
<@MrWizard> thats why i said no
<@MrWizard> to a live camera
<@MrWizard> you wouldnt have wanted to see my face
<@MrWizard> when i was talking about sfxt lol

Mr. Wizard is holding his nose/grinning and bearing it when it comes to SFxT. Given his previous IRC bitching about Capcom pressuring Evo to include TvC (another joke of a game) that one year, we can assume this is because he is a straight bitch incapable of being weaned from the teat of Mother Capcom. Any after-the-fact justifications given for why this game was included or why other games weren’t are simply that - easily-dismantled justifications that have nothing to do with the real behind-the-scenes machinations. There is no legitimate justification for the inclusion of SfxT in Evo, and, as demonstrated by the IRC log above, Wiz knows it.

Evo is more interested in pandering to the fair-weather casual players on the fringe of the community than creating the best tournament for the hardcore players who understand that some games just suck for competitive play. See all the people who post on SRK about wanting to go to Evo, even though they have never even been to local casuals? That is the audience Evo courts, and the reason it can pull four or more times the people of the next largest major; most of the attendants are not even real members of the fighting game community.

I’ve seen people refer to eSports as a “cancer”, but you fail to recognize the cancer in your midst. It is Evo that put Adam Sessler on the mic during grand finals. Tom Cannon writes articles about preserving the fighting game community’s unique culture, while plastering James Chen and UltraDavid, the most white bread commentary team ever, all over the Evo stream and preventing Yipes from appearing. Evo chooses to submit to the demands of Capcom and casual players, rather than throwing its promotional weight behind an older or less played game; the kind of games that every top player, if caught in a rare moment of honesty, acknowledges are superior to the current crop of popular games.


Hello 2012!

Damn, My mans here made a new account just to express his feelings.

Dont Hide Yo Face, Stand up for what you feel lol.

I’m waiting for the people who are about to complain about Skullgirls/BB/Tekken not being in the main lineup. I love Capcom FGs to death (okay, fuck SFxT imo) and I’ve only been following the FGC since '08 but this is the first I’ve heard of Tekken not making the lineup.

also, no more Aris/Kayo commentary? that all happened during a Tekken match… :frowning: j/k

I completely agree that having SFxt as a headline game is silly, along with SC5, just because we have no idea if they will even be good games or not yet. But how many people are going to go to Evo if they change their headliners to ST, CVS2, MVC2, KOF98, GGAC, and TTT? Half? A quarter? 10%? I’d rather they run new games and get loads of people out, while there’s still easily going to be side events for other games anyway. Getting new players out to Evo is great exposure for the community, and it’s only going to increase the odds of more new players finding older games, while simultaneously not stopping veterans from playing what they want.

All those complaints about a game players have not even tried extensively are hilarious, pretty much.
And considering EVO always runs newer games essentially with priority to Capcom , and not just the ‘most worthwhile from a competitive aspect or whatever games from all the years’ , It should have been obvious a long time ago.
This is the first KoF in an EVO , for shame.

Simply put, this is nothing new.

Ignoring your massive “ST, CVS2, MVC2, KOF98, GGAC, and TTT” strawman, people have been saying this for 3 years and it hasn’t come true yet. Next?

This, to be honest, relatively isn’t anything new as far as game choices, which makes the “maybe our most exciting tournament” claim REALLY seem like mainstream-focused hyperbole.
Though the only one that really seems like a throwaway choice is MK9.
I haven’t seen any relevant news out of its community since…September.

MK9 had consistently strong attendance at majors throughout 2011. I don’t play the game, but the people who think nobody plays it are those that think streams = the community. Including MK9 despite the fact that the majority of people on the internet (I’m not going to use the term ‘fighting game community’, because people on the internet are not the community) is under the impression that the game is dead is one of Evo’s more praiseworthy moves this year.

I agree that the selection of games this year is flawed; they should have taken Super Snore Fighter 4 off the list and replaced it with Skull Girls, a brand new, promising game.

<3 SFxT
<3 SC5
<3 the most professional commentary duo in the FGC

I know I’m posting in a troll thread but I still felt the need to address this.

Not everyone has a local major to go to, not everyone has the money to fly across several states or even countries to make it to one, and even if they did, not everyone has the time due to IRL shit. Even if I didn’t live somewhere where there’s pretty much no scene, between school and work, I barely have any time to myself to level up my game.

Of course not, Mario Kart was in one year.

Yes, not everyone has the ability to be a member of the fighting game community. Your point?

I don’t care if this is a troll account, but this guy is dead on. Just becuase you don’t have the ability to travel to tournaments and shit DOESN’T give you the right to criticize a community that is hated buy stream monsters. That’s just fucking stupid.

So let’s have a Hardcore tourney for hardcore players, where a hardcore committee will decide on hardcore fighting games to compete at.
There will be a hardcore screening so only real members of the Hardcore community who fill the quotas can get to play.

Open tourney? Current fighting games a lot of people can play and compete at a high level?

You’re being biased against Capcom and against a game that has not been released yet. Capcom does care about the community. They gave us a free update of SF4, they gave us characters and changes we wanted for UMvC3, they are giving us a crossover of SF and Tekken whilst also experimenting with a new style of gameplay that will revolutionize fighters. And you insult Capcom because EVO is supporting a company that supports us, instead of just giving a free slot to a game that isn’t even out yet and has yet to prove itself? SFxTekken will be a good and solid fighter, it’s being made by Capcom. Capcom = Quality. When you see Capcom’s logo on the box, you know it’s going to be good. We cannot say the same for Skullgirls, it isn’t even out yet and simply being made by a fighter fan doesn’t make a game good. I’m quite the DOTA player myself, but me being good at that game doesn’t make me qualified to make my own MOBA.

I noticed increased bias from Skullgirls fans during the course of the game’s development. Increased hostility and elitism directed at other fighters such as SFxTekken, MK9, SF4, and MvC3. This bitter attitude and belief that their game is somehow the best, most skillful game ever, and these other fighters are lesser, inferior games. On the front page and even the forums this has become pervasive, like a disease.

It’s not too late. We can still grab a hold of Apollo’s chariot, and ride that fucker back across the sky, ya feel me? Fans of other fighters, do not let the vocal minority of elitists sway you. We are the wave of the future. Let those who desire to live in the past obsess over Skullgirls and insult our games. We will continue to be mature and grow our communities.

I’m pretty sure everyone who is trying to argue OP’s point has never been to EVO and never will.