EVO is Not OVER ! SUPERIOR TEK Tour Pics plus more!

The following links are pictures from SUPERIOR TEK on Tour in Las Vegas not only for the club scene and the Music but for Evolution 2K5.

Please leave your comments here if any…thanks to all again…EVO 2K5 is to be remembered.

and you can look on the photobucket page for older albums as well…

Peace…and holla back…See you next round…


Good job, Dave Chapelle!

Very funny Homer Simpson… By the way nice job at Evo2k5 in ST…now dont get a bigger head.


Oh shit, Dave Chapelle posts on SRK! But seriously, you do look like him.

superior tek soon to go on tour in south africa?

Nah next location…your mom’s bed…for some good super dome.


hahahaaahah :clap:

You better watch out cause we comin’…!!!

loooooool doc beezy keep it gametight i’m not gonna lie to you i thought the album was gonna suck when i saw it on the dresser when i was leaving but damn i been playing it all day

i dunno, never really been a fan of that bay area rap. is it really dat juiceyyyyyyyyy bay bahh hh. lol that hook is hilarious. anyway good luck with your career just not my thing.

Good shit True Tech…Thanks for the support…we are on the come up!!! And please get it out to more peoples in your area, Radio stations and street teams…!!!



Yeah the demos I heard on myspace were pretty good.

Too bad I couldn’t be in Vegas, I would’ve bought a copy too.

Thanks for the support Nick T. wish you coulda made it this year.

And to all the haters of SUPERIOR TEK…hate on…we love it !!! And to all the supporters check out our page links for updates,new pictures,and give aways…you can even get a free STK T-Shirt…find out how !!!


im not really a hater, could care either way. you just asked for comments, and thats the comment i had about it. seems most people here like the tracks so more power to yah. iS IT REALLY DAT JUICEYYYY YY YY GURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRLll ll l lllll :encore:

More updates from S.T.K to come…U know what to do…