EVO Japan 2018 - How to plan trip?


This is the first time I would attend EVO and it would be really awesome it were the Japan one, I was wondering if there is some group or thread were I can gather information on how to plan the trip, where is the best place to book tickets, how to meet people who will attend. All that kind of stuff, I’d really appreciate if you guys could help out.

I am really interested on doing the trip



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I find Orbitz is fine for hotel+flight tickets, though since Evo Japan isn’t being held inside a hotel like Evo Vegas is, your hotel room choices are basically anywhere that’s convenient and (hopefully) cheap. If you’re going to Tokyo, you’re going to need to navigate the train system anyway, so as long as you know how to get from your hotel to Akihabara Station you’ll be fine. Plug the addresses into Google Maps and it’ll give you the most efficient route. Handling the Tokyo train system is another entire topic in itself.

And make sure you select the kind of room you want. When you plug in dates and click search, the absolute cheapest options for stay in Tokyo are going to be capsule hotels, which are quite limited in how much luggage you can store and sometimes kick you entirely out during the day while they clean up, so don’t jump at the cheapest option unless you’re sure the room is roomy enough for your needs.

As for meeting up with others who are going, no idea. It’s six months away and not on many peoples’ radar quite yet, not to mention that the high costs involved are going to make most people stay home as compared to standard Evo. Still, if you’re going anyway, then the earlier you book, the better your available options are. If you’re lucky, you can get a package deal that makes staying a week or longer not that much different a price than flying in just for that weekend.


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Book your flight and hotel in advance. You should be able to get you flight and hotel both for around $1000 if you don’t mind a cheap place to stay and watch prices. For example a roundtrip flight from my location right now is $780 for the week of Evo Japan. But if I were buying tickets for next week they would be $2,120. So, make sure you monitor prices to get the cheapest tickets you can get but don’t wait too long because they can go way up in price. Airbnb is available in Japan if you want to save money on a place to stay. I rented out an apartment both times I went for about $407 for the whole week. A hotel might be less hassle though. Hostels are another option. I wouldn’t stay in a capsule hotel for more then a day.

For food you can get buy for extremely cheap. The 7-11 and Lawson convenience stores sell rice balls and the like for around a dollar. Couple that with a coke and you have a meal. You could get buy on $10-$20 a day on food if you’re on a tight budget. For transportation you can buy day passes to most train lines for $10. If you’re are just traveling to the venue and back that isn’t needed but if you plan on sight seeing it might be an option. There is a thing called the JR Pass that will let you ride the JR line for no additional cost and you can take bullet trains to other parts of Japan with it as well. The pass costs $253 but if might be worth it if you’re traveling a lot. Lastly make sure you rent pocket wi-fi. Using your phone over there is too expensive so renting a portable wi-fi device will allow you to pull up google maps to navigate the train lines. It’s a must in my opinion.

Aside from that just make sure you have a valid passport and bring the money you want to spend. All of the prices I mentioned are USD. I don’t know what country you are in. I’d say you should spend at least $2000 for the whole trip combined. If you have the cash to burn I’d double the amount.


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