Evo Japan Planning Thread


I realize I’m posting this WAY in advance but a trip to Japan requires a lot of planning and saving.

I am almost certainly going to Evo Japan because I will be in asia already so it will be relatively cheap for me to go. Is anyone else seriously interested in going?


A date would be nice. Seems like I need a decent stack of bills to get my ass over there. Could be fun though.


If people are planning on this and don’t have a passport, take care of that ASAP.


A date WOULD be nice. Hopefully they announce it before too long.

And yes, APPLY FOR YOUR PASSPORT NOW if you are even dreaming of going


and if you aren’t going you having a passport is a good thing to have


You need a passport just to go to Canada now. And they last for 10 years.
Really can’t be recommended enough.

What if you met Utada Hikaru? You’d need it for, ahem, traveling.


I see what you did there.

If anyone goes, hook it up with a Ken Hirai CD…I’ll let you know which one(s) I’m looking for.