Evo Japan - Sept. 2010

So, SBO put on notice too?

Not that it isn’t already a dying breed.

So many variables to think about

We got US players invading Japan.
Can 3s make an arcade comeback to Evo. We know ksk still got those 3s cabs!!!
Evo and godsgarden teaming up is really amazing. Groundbreaking actually

Just Wonder why they would wait so long for this news.

Sounds good, and hopefully there will be english commentators on site.

Melty in EVO Japan!?

Double post

yeah kids if you wanna go you got 2 months to save up your money after spending your savings all year to get to vegas get hype just pull a marn and have mommy and daddy pay for it

Good shit. Could actually pose a potential threat to SBO as many Japanese players seem to prefer double elimination. At least as far as SSFIV is concerned.

What was the given location? I believe the date was Sept 11-12 right?

I missed this… what details were revealed? Is there a website or anything yet?

As far as I know, and as far as SSF4 is concerned, Japanese rather single elimination matches, since they play more Arcade, but that changed into the Godsgarden standard which is online ranked battles on xbl - first to 10. I might be wrong, is just what I see from Oxkenzo on the Youtube.

i wonder how many Americans will go. maybe less than 5? mostly just Justin, Marn, Ricky?
it doesn’t pose a potential threat to SBO unless they are on the same week. people can just go to both.

It was a small 30 second video before SSF4 Top 8. It overviewed that Japanese players have always been stuck playing as one-character forcing them into bad matchups, single-elmination tournaments, and not all the top players can make it to America. This was followed by a five second splash screen showing an Evolution tournament in Japan in collaboration with GodsGarden on September 11-12th. I forget the city it will be in, and I would really like to know where as I’m considering going to the event.

Arcade 3s at EVO japan would be amazing.

Actually if this is run on arcade it will be a very good look for EVO.Godsgarden is a console tournament though.

Kawasaki, Japan

I hope they stream it with english commentators i like seth keits and skisonic

Please stream it live with seth keits and skisonic

well there’s 2 people that like keits and skisonic commentary

oh wait it’s the same person

Please stream it live and fly in ‘The Sessler’ as exclusive commentator

Final Showdown plz.