EVO JAPAN - Someone make a survival guide for Japan!


So, I was fortunate enough to get a free flight to Japan, thinking about checking Evo even though I know I’m going 2 and out.

BUT, I’m trying to make the most of the experience with some friends I’ve made in the local scene. What is there to do in Tokyo and what sites are must see experiences etc.

Also, what is a decent daily budget to expect to spend in Tokyo? Top arcades? etc.


Shoryuken - EVO Japan Date Change


No, date is getting changed because US players complained. who cares about the people who were happy with the original date and can’t go now that its getting pushed back.


yeah i read that post already but it doesn’t say that the date will be changed. I’m pretty excited about checking out the Japanese Scene but if there is no EVO there it is a total waste of a trip for me. Is there an official site or anything for this that we can see to check on updates?


survival guide for japan, bring lots of money.


Just copypasta the Zombie Survival guide, find&replace Zombie with Japanese, Quisling with weeaboo, and Feral with foreign.

Should be fine imo.


Seriously? It’s fucking Japan, man


No shit its Japan.
I’m just trying to make the most of my investment, go to Japan, do all kinds of shit, and go to EVO. OR go to Japan, do all kinds of shit, go home, go back to JAPAN IN SPRING, go to EVO, and do some shit.

Which is the cheaper option? Japan is fun, but it isn’t that fun to go TWICE in the span of 8 months if I dont have to. Living within their means. Some people should follow that.


Dood - I just got back from Japan - there was no SBO or EVO or anything like that - just the arcades and people jamming there… that alone was waaaay worth it.
Then we still did Fuji, Meiji Shrine, Harajuku, Akihabara, Sensoji Temple and a bunch of other stuff while shopping and shit -

It was even Obon season and some of the players weren’t heading to the arcades for being with their family - and there was still a buzz…

You’re right to want to go to Japan when something Big is going on - but fuck me - going to Japan at any time is pretty much just the shit…

Japan is too much -


Shoryuken - Evo Japan


I have been to japan before on business…Great Country


any word on the new date?


no updates on evo japan???


is there any more details with regards to format, games, etc?

i’m sure you all know that ssf4 is coming to arcades in japn. at 1st ssf4 seemed to be the main game for evo jpn, but now that it will be hitting their arcade scene, how does evo jpn plan to stand out differently from the tourneys they hold there? obviously format i assume will be a different and introduced to them (best of 3/double elim instead of 1 match elim). but i was thinking their 1 match format was mainly due to time constraints and excess participation.

with ssf4 soon to be in arcades there, and the apparent preference for arc over console, how will this be worked out logistically and to appeal to an audience there (or is evo jpn for sure to happen before ssf4 arc release)? it wasn’t an issue at 1st with ssf4 becuase it was console only, but with the arcade release (and updated)… i mean i just want to see evo jpn succeed.

btw, this is something i suggested in the hdr forums, but what are the chances HD remix will also be 1 of the games for evo jpn? i think we need something different in presentation. sbo is the best of the best as far as tournament presentation there. and they have gods garden and others. i think evo jpn needs something different/unique added to make it stand out from the tourneys being held. and i myself am curious how this would be received, not to mention how japn would play the game.


SSF4 AE at EVO japan on viewlix machines would be the shit.


Get slapped.


A concrete date would be great! I didn’t get to go to EVO 2010 due to financial reasons. I had planned to go to Japan in the summer of 2011. With the latest announcement of EVO Japan, I can now knock out two birds with one stone. I’m actually saving up right now to go to this. I’ve opted to not attend any majors for the following months leading up to EVO Japan. I’m working countless hours in overtime to prepare for all my expenses for this trip. My vacation bid is rapidly approaching and it would be great to get a set date with in the following weeks. Any info on location, hotel arrangements, and especially a date would be much appreciated. I’d settle for any update on the event, really.


So is anybody who’s been to Japan going to contribute to the survival guide? I’ve never been there and I am seriously considering going.


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wow what’s up with that? tell you what, if they announce a fucking date for EVO then i’ll be sure to give you the chance to lay your hand on me.

Back to topic, when is EVO japan.