EVO Joystick Modding(Inquiry)


Hey Guys,
This year Evo of 2012, it will be packed with thousands of people at the ballroom for this event, and the largest fighting game tournament up to date. With a countless amount of participants this year, Gummowned, JDM714, networkingyuppy and many many other modders will be at the ballroom working on dual mods.
See you guys there and good luck!


So that’s is what you’re doing at table of Toodles.
See you there man.

I’ll be at Mad Catz doing mods.


anyone have any experience modding the fighting edge 100% successfully? ive spoken to Gummo already, but i keep hearing that this is going to be a little trickier…im not sure if i should just bring my dual modded stick already just to be on the safe side


bring your dual modded stick to evo… the fighting edge is very tricky at the moment… the touch panel is giving modders problems…