EVO just banned Dual Shock 3's, battery or no battery. WTF?



So EVO just banned Dual Shock 3’s. They claim that even with the battery removed, when you hooked it up to another system it still holds the previous systems memory for two seconds. THE biggest crock of bullshit I have heard this year. In the two years I have had my battery removed I have NEVER had my pad turn on another system. Its impossible. They claim that with no battery via cable its still synced via bluetooth which is so far from the truth its unbelievable. No battery via cable the pad is synced via usb and can only power that system. As a matter of fact it cant even power the system. The pad has no battery pack and NEEDS power to function. Unless the system is already on it can not power the system on like it can with the battery in. Like wtf!?

I strictly play ps3 pad so this is really stupid to me. Thats not even correct information and its now banned because of it.


This would probably get more replies if it weren’t in the Gouken forums. Also, why not just use a PS2 controller with a converter?


No offense but Im not looking for a slew of replies. Whats done is done but its bullshit. I dont like the ps2 pad. I’ve tried it and it doesnt work for me just like stick. I only use ps3 pad as do many many many people. I def get the battery-in concern, ban that shit, but without? Their reasoning is wrong.


Dualshock 3 ftw. People really need to challenge those who think it is still synced to another ps3. Like gather some people and do solid video showcasing proof to close the case for good.

Do it. Get some people together for it.


The real reason is they probably don’t want to have to examine every DS3 to see if it has a battery in it or not.


All you have to do is feel the weight. Theres a considerable difference.


Lazy fucks.