Evo laggy setups


like. sf4 was unplayable. not sure if its the monitor or ps3 setting.

there were many complains about the laggy setups judges response was like “nah its fine”.

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Same here, bro. Lost several matches in pools because half of my inputs disappeared somewhere between fight stick and screen. =:( And I was practicing before pools on a PS3 and ASUS monitor. Sure would like to figure out what it was so I can replicate the horrible lag at home!


These streams are as laggy as the setups apparently.


even top players tweeted about “missing” links and combos.


man, i’ve never seen Sako drop so many combos like yesterday
was so frustrating


Another year, same shit. I think it’s the whole PS3 staying on too long that screws things up like Daigo talked about way during Season’s Beatings 3.


There is also thesetup with the headphone multiadapter to consider. There are several devices going through those chains. Neither device is official Sony merch, and even plugging it straight in, having that many devices could be taxing the input processing of the console. I’m no tech, but… these consoles aren’t robust with their processors, or their cooling. Perhaps during testing, they were okay… but with the overheating they might drop inputs from high demand devices like an arcade stick. Still, with so many big names not making it through pools, it’s worth checking out.


headphones have nothing to do with input. unless i’m misunderstanding. is there some type of standard approved setup for evo tourneys?


is this really true? i’ve had this suspicion myself because sometimes i spectate matches in umvc3 before actually playing, and it does seem like things change a little after the console has been on for a few hours. it has 4 inches of space all around it like the booklet says it should, but it still gets hot after being on that long.


i was so mad when i saw sako drop every combo ever. i was very disappointed to see he could have done much better had there been no lag.


Are you sure your inputs didn’t disappear because of EVO tournament nerves :slight_smile: But seriously, the only thing I heard is a few people griping that the tournament was being ran on PS3’s which we all know have issues with frame rate compared to the 360 version of the Capcom fighters. The people playing on the main stream didn’t have any problems at all landing some crazy shit and no more combos were dropped than normal. Nerves + ps3 fps lag probably had more to do with it than input lag caused by the monitors or the ps3’s overheating. I mean seriously, I’ve played on multiple ps3’s that ran all day long just as hard and that was never a problem that anybody mentioned or noticed.


Doesn’t evo always use ps3?


Blah blah blah. Every year somebody complains about phantom “lag”.



Yeah… What else, son?


this happened to me to. i lost my first match in my pool, but then the judge said i could just plug in my stick directly into the ps3 instead in the adapter thing. so knowing that, i was tearing it up in losers…


Same here. There was noticeable lag and drops in fps. Even simple links were being dropped. Sometimes things wouldn’t even come out. I did notice an improvement when I plugged my stick directly into the ps3 as opposed to the 4 way USB hub they used for headphones. I just don’t understand why they don’t use Xbox when the fps issue is pretty well documented. I’ve never seen so many dropped combos in ssf4 like at evo this year.


They use PS3 because that’s what the organizers have an abundance of. Nothing more than that.


Yo for the last fucking time: They use PS3 because at the time it was easier to get PS2 to PS3 converters than PS2 to 360 ones. If you don’t own a PS3 to practice for EVO, you don’t fucking care enough to bother winning.

I don’t want to hear no shit because you dudes have had 3 years to get 200 dollars together for a fucking PS3.


I noticed they used fat ps3s at EVo those are known for overheating like crazy.


You dont need a ps3 to play street fighter you should be able to buy the game on your console of choice and win at tournys.