EVO! let's Get it on!

Ladies and gets as we all know EVO 2009 is just around the corner no more than a couple of months away. Yet i like warn all of you from the “WEST COAST” vandelay is gonna come out on top!!! With my unstoppable team of Magneto, Sentinel, and Storm were gonna rock EVO away!!! So ladies Keep your eyes open for vandelay cus hes gonna be in town and im gonna school all of you in shame… haha:rofl:

Ah, April 2009. That explains it.

-Tha Hindu

Who is he and where does he play in SoCal…?

vandelay industries?

Ft10 for a hundred. Bet it.

how about FT5 for 10 g’s

one hundred man i spit those out of my as … make it for 10 g’s and ill drive from L A to u…

Not important

if your good i’ll find you… There’s no need to be trippin about who i am? Where i came from? Or where im gonna be? Just know that a revolution is here and i’m leading it…

thinking the same thing :rofl:

no… Vandelay im gonna rock you in mvc2 all night long industries … Trick

vandelay vs. body suit man, evo finals

LOL 10g’s who the fuck is gonna play u for that homie? trying too hard there son.

man you are like 10 years too late for this game

latex salesmen