Evo line up on Iplaywinner stream. Evo games are USFIV, UMVC3, Injustice, KOF, KI, Blazblue


*Our very own Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar is set to appear on a special installment of iPlayWinner’s The Fray! to reveal which titles players will be competing in come July. This broadcast is set to take place Tuesday, February 4, so be sure to tune in and catch it all live on Shoryuken.com.

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So Nintendo is stopping Evo from hosting Smash.

Ohhhhhh boyyyy


RIP Tekken :frowning:


I can’t believe that actually happened. I joked about it to some people, and it’s a fucking reality. The game is as old as CVS2 and brought more people than Injustice. Which shows us that we really could still be playing our old games.

Then it gets dumped by Nintendo. Some are saying it might be because of the new Smash…but yeah.

KI is in so I’m happy. Probably practice some Marvel too.


damn, no ttt2. thats sad for the community. the excuse is stupid. its almost mid february, and unless a new version of ttt2 that completely changes the game comes out soon unexpectedly, worrying about a new version before evo is dumb. especially considering ultra street figher 4 is not out yet, and has no date to my knowledge. lol. tekken never changes but so much anyways. it goes through changes, but they arent drastic. its not like, holy shit, i have to do 360s for ewgf now. whatever, kinda didnt see that coming, but shit happens.

i mean, killer instinct over ttt2? you could have had both to be honest. i doubt you are going to get a ton of legit entries for killer instinct just because many of us have not chose which console we want, and or are still fitting it into the budget to spend almost 700 dollars for stick, game, and console. id rather see an official killer instinct tournament then an exhibition or anything, but i dont expect the numbers to be so high that it could warrant bumping out a staple like tekken, that was hype last year. maybe im just salty because im in my tekken swag again, and i was focused on possibly entering evo and trying to showcase a new level of play for american players on the big screen, but oh well. side tourney it is i guess.

blazblue cp over ggac+r? are guilty players really not playing ac+r because of xrd, or is that just speculation? if ggac+r was announced, mad players would have of course jumped back into training mode to show off for the big stage. its just a weird decision to choose a game that is only out for japanese ps3, over a game that is out on japanese ps3 and xbox 360. it just sounds like typical guilty gear bias dislike to me. ive never seen anyone outside of trag ever say anything nice about guilty gear. but i guess if the numbers are that different for majors, then so be it. id love to see those numbers, because i highly doubt that difference is that severe. ggac+r is still an alive and poppin game, with new players figuring their ways through while prepping for xrd.

bbcp should still be fun to watch though. japan would take our monies in ggac+r or bbacp anyways, but i really feel the gg community would have charged up to have its game on the big stage again for the first time in fucking forever.

well hopefully once the numbers start to settle in, we might get like top 4 for ttt2 or maybe some ggac+r top 4 too. thats a good evo lineup, and the killer instinct bias is obvious, but it looks to be a pretty hype evo event for the main stage.


What I want to know is if UMvC3 is going to be streamed this year? If Nintendo was giving EVO a hard time with Smash, does that mean that Mr. Wizard resolved the issue with Disney for UMvC3 already?


They should tell KI players to bring their Xbones so Evo doesnt have to go out and buy a lot theyll use for one day. Or maybe get microsoft to loan them out.


+R is a mess; Can you even get the most up to date version on all consoles yet? Wasn’t there some crazy weird delay? Between all that and everyone slobbering over Xrd, there’s not much momentum behind +R right now.


With that being said, I agree entirely with the first half of his post though. ESPECIALLY the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 stuff. That excuse for it not being in just seems downright insulting and demeaning to the intelligence of anybody over 5.


I don’t really know anything about Tekken, so I keep my mouth shut about it.


Last year every company that represented their game at EVO gave support and threw money into the prize pot for the top places except for Namco. Because of this lack of support most of the East Coast top players for Tekken didn’t even bother to show up (Tekken had the second fewest attendance in the whole tournament of about 250 I think). If you look at the line up of players from America almost all of them are along the West Coast. There was no one from EC who felt it was worth it to show up. We could have had FightingGM, Ofdp?, AGE NYC Fab, Naclam, Bloodhawk, Elite and many other great players, but there was no incentive to compete for a prize pot that would have been worth pretty much the hotel and plane costs.


Microsoft is most likely helping with that. They may out of pocket some of them also since if the game gets popular they’ll have a stock for next year or whenever Xbox isnt the main game system etc.

Tekken Tag 2 pulled 400 less people than Smash so its not impossible to see why it was on the chopping block. The only game that came close to Smash numbers was Injustice. Mr.wiz hinted at other games being added though, so never know.


Someone said that Microsoft is sponsoring this event. Is this true? That’s why everything is on 360 or One I guess…

RIP Mortal Kombat

Also, I always read “xbone” as “Ex Bone”