EVO lineup announced


for those of you who never venture outside the NW forum: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=174535

shit, a 2v2 tournament might actually make third strike exciting (maybe?)


That’s kinda weird about the tvc part. I wonder how those invitations work.


HDR and SFIV will be on PS3? Aww man. =\


Yeah, no more Chun-tastic top 64. So if I go (not likely but speaking hypothetically) I’ll take Chun. Who will take Yun and pair up with me?

I think Wizard had made that clear since last summer. The EVO organization owns a fleet of PS3 consoles since they ran T5:DR and VF5 tournaments in the past. So this is a matter of cost and convenience. Tis a shame considering many hardcore gamers own a 360 but not a PS3.

I think it’s interesting how MvC2 is listed as “Console: TBA” in its section.


If there are discrepancies between the ps3 and 360 version of SFIV, I’d be happy to bring my ps3 to Zach’s if its needed.


wow, take out cvs2 and tekken and reput in GG and a SC4 which is broken as all hell and NO ONE plays it… what a waste.


My main concern is which stick to bring. I agree with Jetay, SCIV is questionable. Maybe they know something we do not.


I’m only surprised they chose GG over Blazblue, especially since they only went for SC4 because its the NEWest namco game we have.


Is BB even out on console? GG is always a good draw.


I just love that smash is nowhere to be seen, that is gross.


No Tekken makes me sad. But alas, the lineup has great variety.


oops, forgot tvc isn’t officially here either yet


3rd Strike refuses to die.


Yes, he did survive getting crushed in a garbage truck.


At least you know BR is coming out and we will be at the next EVO.

Cool to see GG there, maybe I should drop HDR and practice that along with IV.

Hope people from VFDC show up.

Glad Smash got dropped, fuck that game 1000x over.


Was it last year or the year before when they had MarioKart DS in the lineup?

Lol. I love me some MraioKart, don’t get me wrong.

But at Evo? 8/