Evo Live Video Stream

here we go Folks!

is the video link you will need for this years EVO 2k7!

Want the Live stream url come to the #evo2k or #capcom EFnetchannel but it should be in the main list for the latest show!

There is NO limitations on people watching at once AFAIK! I;ve seen it over 150+ on whos watching.

Shows for right now keep refreshing because of how the site works, but that should be around 40 mins right now, could be more but we dunno yet.

To chat you HAVE TO SIGN UP but trust me here the irc channel will work 100% better, but if you do bother to sign up and got a webcam you might randomly be thrown to on camera!..who knows! :slight_smile:

So rate it, hype it, subscriber( if you signed up ) add positive feedback! and rep all around!

Spread the word! Lets make this a success :smiley:

dam its over :frowning:

i guess virtua fighter 5 just finished?

Nah, Bookmark this. It has the vid list on there. http://operator11.com/shows/3694 Everyone who reads this bookmark this page, Its updated frequently.


kage on kage

ill check back later


Thank you guys for doing this. Seriously.

Lets hope people can get in more often than the live stream for sbo…that shit pissed me off.

Edit: nvm that statement, It’s being frequently updated so people dont get left in the blue.

Steve come on efnet damnit.

Shit yes. When does Accent Core start?

Wow, awesome stuff. Much props for setting this up :cool:.

GGXX starts in a couple of minutes. Its from 12 till 3.

accent core is up

this is awesome…who’s doing “commentary” :lol:

I think its ponder and wiz.

Has CvS2 started yet?

Also, if anyone can say who’s playing before the matches start that would be cool.

We cant say atm, Since we dont know But im sure sooner or later they’ll have a player list.

I hear ya. Thanks for the info Mystic. This is definitely better than nothing.

LOL hear Dr. B in the background trying to find out who’s in his bracket for CvS2. I don’t think it makes a difference, that S-groove will only take you so far.

When does ST start?