EVO loaner controllers? (ps3 pad)


Gonna be going to evo this year for the 2nd time. The 1st time I went back in 2010 Each pool had a few loaner ps3 pads that only worked when sync cable’d. I was wondering if this will return? I have a PS2 pad with inpin but it dosent work as well and the PS2 Dpad is really stiff. I hope I wont have to resort to this.

Anyone who can shed light on this would be super helpful.

See you all @EVO


From what I understand, PS3 pads are banned outright, even if they’ve been modded to remove the battery. I’m guessing that’d make the answer to your question a “No,” then.


If so that would be a huge blow to my ability to play… at least in marvel


I know how you feel, im also a ps3 pad player. I got used to the ps2 pad on SSF4, but on UMVC3, its a whole different story when everything is moving at a fast pace. My reactions feel different when i play UMVC3


i think the ps3 FIGHTPADS from madcatz are still acceptable right?


Those are, yes, because they require the USB dongle to function.


any official word?



[]You must provide your own controller for games played on the Playstation 3
]All converters are the responsibility of the player.
[*]All wireless controllers are banned.


o and im selling a ps3 te1 there if anyone needs one :wink:


We may have 1 or 2 controllers to lend out, but since 2010 people keep borrowing them and not returning them. I’m not sure if we have any left. Plan on using your own controller.


Thank you Ponder


I’ll be bringing about 3 of my pads+fixtures mods. If you find me I can sell one to you. Keep in mind, I only own 2 fixture mods for the controllers (both for dpad) and I need 1 myself haha. I also plan on buying one off of wolfkrone too so I MIGHT have both fixtures for sale