EVO Log...

EVO2K4 trip…(Note that a lot of this is probably a tad fuzzy as I may get certain events wrong, but for the most this is the gist of the trip. Also prepare for a lot of bitching and moaning about various gay crap that happend durning this trip)

So I start to pack my stuff(including the only pad I have left, as unfortantly if you recall I had literealy 3 pads break with in the last 2 weeks before evo. Not that a couple of them werent all ready on there last legs, but they bit the dust totaly right before evo), and I start to head to the airport. The trip starts out badly fast…

I forget to pack some things and about 5 mins down the road im like “shit” so, back to the house I go to pick up stuff, and then back to the airport.

At the airport things arent looking to good ethier, although I park in a good spot(at least at the time I thought it was a good spot, more on this later)getting to the gate isnt so easy. Apperently my bag is suspicous and I cant be let on, and need to go back and have it checked in. This is really freaking gay, beacuse well why is my bag any diffrent then any of the others? So with that said its back to the lines(yes all the way back to the end of a line)to go and get them checked in. While waiting though someone calls me over. Apperently they are going to check me in, in a special room. @_@ Im not sure what I was thinking, I wasnt really scared or anything but in the back of my mind I was like… “omg… there gonna give me a cavity search…” As you can tell you know where this is going since if you know me you know I have shitty ass luck… And yes I had a cavity search…

lol just kidding, that woulda sucked huh?.. So I go into this big room, with basicly 2 people I guess my bag needed special attention. Anyway they tell me I can leave, and my bag will be there when I get off the plane.

So I go to try and get back to the gates. But then my boots start going off… Anyway more boring crap, just know that I eventualy did get on the plane.

So just so happens that when we finaly get to california are plane was well late, so im having a bitch of a time trying to figure out where to meet up with everyone. We had a meeting up spot, but this obviously wasnt gonna work as well we didnt really have a meeting up spot if we were late. So more or less its me walking around from terminal to terminal for a hour or so. Add in some random trying to bribe people for change to try and call someone(I dont have a cell of course). This isnt going to well as no one is answering. Thankfully about after the 4th bribe finaly Ilija(okita)pics up looks like everyone elses plane was delayed to, so thats why they werent picking up since they were still on the plane. Add in another 20 mins of trying to find each other and sucsess! We find each other, however I also found the single most trip ruining experince…

ANTHONY(Destin)… Destin could literealy not do any right in my eyes durning this trip, after the second day even being near him was pissing me off. But more on this later, lets get back to the topic at hand. So right when he gets off the plane, he tells me that he didnt bring my coat. This really pisses me off. First off all he owes me $20, this isnt to bad as I honestly wasnt expecting him to pay me back anyway. However ever since ECC him or dan said they were gonna send me back my coat, but I guess anthony kept being to lazy and was like something to the exstent of “no im to lazy to go 7 mins to dans to pick it up and send it to you”.

So right off the bat im mad at destin since he kept saying he would give it back and coming to California woulda been perfect.

Or did he bring it? Right when we get on the shuttle to get to the hotel he throws my coat over my head jokeing that he acctualy did bring it just wanted to mess with me…

Hrmm I didnt find it to funny but then again I have a horrible sence of humor shrug

Getting to the hotel goes off easily enough, and we unpack yadda yadda, and everyone starts to practice somewhat.(on a shitty note, when I opened my bags they musta been not to freindly with them, as I found body wash and clearsil spill in my bag =/) However even from the get go it is un fun. Now note normal everyone is fairly sarcastic with me, its just how it is I guess. However I swear anthony took it to gay amounts of heights this trip. I seriously had trouble even playing one single match in peace with out anthony randomly talking me down, or even physicaly hitting me at times. He made the game the game a chore to even play. When I played kenji(KBnova) it was obviously at some of its worst since no one likes to see kenji lose and I beat kenji almost everytime the only thing I hear is how much I suck and how good kenji is and all this BS over and over.

Anyway I assume this is just everyone is trying to have fun for the first night and it will eventualy die down…

Mike(evlenshadow) and dennys/denis(ukyo tachibana)get there. I dont remember what happend to much just a lot of nothing more or less and destin pissing me off. However lets add some other shitty crap in there. So I call up adam(NTG) and brian(obot)now apperntly the hotel they got acctualy is the Shilo Hilltop and not just the regular one. This sucks beacuse we thought that they were at the just the regular Shilo so that we could put some of the people from Ilijas room etc in there.

This of course isnt the case, as when you are on vaction and when your normal bed time is say 3am or later, who wants to walk 7 mins right before they go to bed to go to a diff hotel to sleep. So yea basicly its I paied for a room I didnt even sleep in or visit period for the trip more or less besides(4 hours one night and then the last night). Anyway lol thats not destins fault haha. Just random bad karma that follows me around.

Eventualy its off to the campus to sign up for evo etc. It was nice seeing people from SRK etc, like Pained Auron and Soup or Man to name a few. Just to add the line was hella gay for sign ups. There just seriously was not enough people helping I dunno. We got in the sign up line at 5pm and got out around 7:40pm it was pretty horrible. Of course the line was fairly easy going so if say I was getting tired of standing I sure as fuck was leaving to go do something else for awhile and then come back. Tekken5 was playing. Shrug dun really give a shit about Tekken in the first place but it looked pretty spiffy.

At some point I was also interviewed by GSN or whatever. I didnt really want to be interviewed as im fairly shy, and more or less I think people just wanted me to talk about masterbateing(which in all honesty I dun find it to funny, but people find it halirous so I go along with it)and be random etc. Everyone seemed to have a ball with it though, so if everyone else had fun I guess thats cool. At one point I someone said to say something like “talk about pink ky!” and I was like… “(pink ky? hrmm pink ky… oh gay guy!)Your gonna get beat by a gay dude!!” everyone really liked that lol. Anyway I tried to say umm Im really not gay!!! But who knows if that would be in the interview they do on tv eh? Lol I also talked about what a loser I am and how ive never even held a girls hand.

Durning this point it was somewhat funny there was this young girl in blue, and she musta had the hots for me, cuz after words she let me hold her hand and well as everyone else was telling me,“Clayton who is that girl in blue that keeps walking by and stareing at you” lol.

Sigh alas…

Sometime later we headed down to the arcade, and who do we see MIU!!! So miu meets up with us and stuff and sorta get reaqquainted(as much as you can we there is a fairly big languge barrier blocking your way), so durning some point he agrees to meet up with and come to our hotel to play games.

Anyway back at the hotel nothing to intresting, just more playing games, and destin giving me shit any chance he gets which at this point I had already decided that for the most part I just wasnt going to even practice very much as he was just makeing the game to un fun. Eventualy much later on the night everyone goes to bad as well looks like miu was acctualy in the other Shilo so he went to the room number from the hilltop which means yea ummmmm we didnt play him that night lol.

Lol anyway ok thats all for now gotta go to doctors, but I swear it will get more intresting =p.

are u that gay looking white guy that walked around with a open white shirt showing your chest?

Why yes, yes I was.

Tournment day… Unfortantly I really just wasnt feeling games though. By 2 days into Destin had already killed a good amount any thought of having fun playing XX plus the fact that it was XX was gay(since well I dont even own XX I have reload =/). I dunno I just didnt feel like playing half the time. Just wasnt having fun to not into it I guess.

Anyway I won my bracket pretty easily, only close match was vs ricky and even then it only looked close maybe I mean he shouldnt even have won first round but I tried to do crap with duck hs and stuff. I dunno just to many things I try to do by instinct reload wise and XX just fucks me up and I dunno what to do. Anyway I ended up Instant Killing him. After the match I said sorry dude and tried to shake his hand and he was like “hmph!” and moved my hand away and left.

Umm right…

People seemed to be fairly suprised that I beat him,maybe it was cuz I landed a instant kill or something, but umm… I dunno ive landed tons of instant kills in tournments so it wasnt really anything to crazy I thought oh well.

As for the ST tournment I was somewhat excited cuz I wanted to play eric choi(zim) again. However the sticks really didnt agree with this… I dunno its hard to say cuz ive only played ST like once in the past year and before that who even knows. So I would assume it was a little of the sticks being shitty and a lil of me being out of practice. After the first match I was basicly like umm ok im gonna forfeit, but then I wanted to play eric to. So basicly after I played eric i forfieted out of the tournment. No use in playing when I couldnt even get one tiger knee hurricane kick cuz of sticks. Its just embarrsing. So yea I took myself out of that tourny…

Dun remember to much from friday. However did meet a lot of the texas guys etc fubarduck,genius,vig and lots others. (I would say everyones name but I would forget someone and I would feel rude. =/)

Of course by friday seeing as how im in california I was really getting disapointed at this point lady wise. I dont expect girls to be playing games etc(let alone hot) but I wasnt even seeing random hot girls, no short hair pretty girls the girls where just really really bad raito of more or less like maybe 4 attractive girls at that point.

Anyway so just bumming around and then I see them…

“BOOTS”! lol Anyway so my goal was to then get a pic of this girl named boots. I dunno her out fit was pretty nice I must say. Guess im just a sucker for boots, or long socks cuz it makes me think of fucking etc. Anyway I ended up getting a pic with her but it was hella not good, so guess that pic sorta died =/ oh well…

Later on while out side I also talked(and well met again for first time in a couple years)jesse and wes. So that was pretty cool. Also durning the conversation, some car crashed or something right in the middle of the grass. I got a pic of it somewhere. Guess the dude was to lazy to use the road lol. We woulda helped but it didnt look to bad so we just decided “naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…”

Hrmm other then that on friday later that night back at the hotel nothing to intresting happend other then miu coming. It sucks cuz miu saying that he wanted to come over and play everyone is really awsome, cuz it should be good practice right? Wrong. At least for me, I was already feeling awkard of playing since im sure destin would add his 2 cents in once I played. (I swear I dunno what this dudes probably was this weekend with me)So basicly everyone is playing miu, and then right when its my turn, there destin goes ranting about me “why dont you FD that blah blah blah” and all this shit, I was like dude I will play how I want to play anyway. After the matchs I had to leave the room for awhile. I swear if I was a mean guy I woulda punched destin right in front of everyone. He just would not leave me alone EVER. Its one thing to be sarcastic like a lot of people are with me, but he just took it way to far this weekend.

Anyway after that night the goal basicly of the tournment was to avoid destin if possible.

Me kenji and ID all walk back to the regular shilo etc and try to meet up with everyone, apperently illija,casey and dan are all leaving beacuse well they only had the hotel for so long. So we hurry up and get all our stuff ready to go to me,adams and brians room. While this is happening destin decides since well I slept in a diff room the other night he didnt get to bother me enough, so while im eating he starts bitching about how he wants to go and how his bags are heavy and how I should just go. Umm… yea fuck you. Why dont you set the bags down you dum bitch. Im hungry. Or why not just leave with out me. geez… Your staying in me and my freinds room anyway so dont bitch.

Cant say much for the finals etc, as I watched them pretty lackadazeicaly. So I really have no comment on any of them. =/ I only really watched ST somewhat closely and when jesse and wes lost I was pretty disapointed T_T. And daigo didnt play enough ryu to keep my attention. Speaking of daigo im really disapointed I didnt get a pic of him this year. Am I the only one that thinks daigo is acctualy a good looking dude as well?

Hrmm anyway…

Yea again not to much intresting, most the fun I had was really just talking to people etc nothing game wise. So later on we all go back to the hotel etc.

Miu is coming over again which is cool. Sucks though as one of our TVs doesnt work so it gets stuck to one tv which makes it hella awkard. I play miu a couple more times, but am feeling pretty akward as I feel embarrsed to even play him in my current state.(Of course all my confidence or joy of playing the game had been dimnished by you know whos endless bitching at me)So sucks I didnt really get to enjoy him coming over.

A lot of people drinking and just having fun really. I wanted to get stoned some what as well medications etc dont really say anything about smokeing weed haha so I was thinking maybe I would be never really panned out. As I was to lazy to acctualy go with anyone oh well.

A lot of staying up late and basicly we all went to bed as we had to get up early to pack for monday…

Anyway last day coming later, bed time for now.

do us a favor next year at evo sir. close your shirt asap

I <3 clayton. no shout outs or nothing man? good to see you there, nice talkin to you again.

PS- what happened to saturday?

haha good question sorry im still pretty out of it I guess…

Hrmm game wise I dunno didnt pay to much attention to other people not sure what I got but I would assume something shitty like 32. However unlike last year where I still thought I was the best(not that im not hella vain and in reload I think I can beat everyone haha)and got screwd. This year I dunno, I just didnt really care and everyone really was much better then I remember them so I was really suprised that I lost. I dunno I guess I just dont care about the game that much shrug. I lost to ruin and fubarduck, sucks to lose but again I dunno it was sorta just like a what can you do sorta thing.

Not sure what happend saturday ethier. By that point anything game wise was un fun so it was really just a lot of mopeing about doing nothing and stuff. At some point a big group of us all orderd pizza with some of the japanese which was kinda cool. Though of course more gayness happend. Right before I remember with miu or something just waiting like destin was trying to jokeingly tell miu I was gay.

Now first of all, just cuz maybe I look gay doesnt mean I am gay. Plus how the fuck does he know that you are jokeing. I swear I know this looks(this log)that its just about me bashing destin, and well that would be correct cuz this dude seriously ruined a good part of my trip with his non stop shanigans I dont even know how to express into words how gay he was or even write everything he did this trip…

end of rant OK back on subject…

Me and kenji later on and fubarduck sat around and talked for awhile. Later on more of the texas guys came. Basicly just joked around that kinda stuff it was fun. Later on vanessa let me hold her hand for 5 seconds… wisks away haha yea im sad, holding hands is the kinda stuff I get off to though so what can ya do ya dig? Anyway at some point to True Love 95’ came up on subject and just so happens “boots” was around as well. When she heard it she also said she liked the game…

And well that was it. Kenji etc said I was gay for not doing anything since that could be a coversation starter and I shoulda tried and flirt with her. But dude… Its me remember I dont talk to girls PERIOD IT. Oh well such is life…

Add in some more mopeing around and then came the reload team tourny. Team tourny was sorta under a tight schedule at least it was suppose to be. Romel(Cblue) said that wizard said that it had to close at 6:45 so it had to change to single elimantion. So the tourny had to go much quicker then normal. Not sure what our team placed(me,mike,and kenji) but im sure it was pretty bad. I dunno guess I didnt care to much though shrug what can you do I guess. We lost to STL basicly ocved more or less. Mike missed the jump hs to beat him the first round, then he went through kenji and then he beat me. All I know is my pad was just unfreindly at a lot of times that week. And vs slips it refused to let me reversal. Thats just the kinda karma I got though =/. Not that he wasnt good or anything cuz he was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better then I thought he would be. So totaly props to him for kicking our ass. (Just that if I lose I would rather it be when my pad is good and im not missing my stuff, anyway as I said oh well)

So basicly tourny ends and 6:45 comes around and well then looks like the place isnt closeing till 10pm lol shitty. Romel was pretty pissed about it, it looked like but what can you do.

More roaming around and we get back to the hotel, basicly just a lot of bumming around to florida room for awhile, then texas room and canadains room. Lonelyfighter looked like he was about to get into a fight with someone at some point lol. I dunno what it was about hella random. I dunno it was fun. Also CBlue is fairly humerous when he is drunk. More or less his eyes seem to have trouble staying open, and he becomes pretty lackadazeical and well I dunno as someone said he looks like one of those sad drunks lol. I dunno it was funny and cool. And saif(ID) wasnt much for drinking nor was I so me him and kenji went back to the hotel and slept. (Note that somepoint durning this day, my hat was stolen only 14 bucks but shitty none the less, and IDs arcade stick apperently was also stolen not good =/)

Thats a no go, sorry guy if its still hot in california the shirt is staying open.

hmm don’t get too down ppl got really good really quick, you beet ricky…thats coo.Some broad staying in my room was blabing about giving up trying to get with you(not like she was actually trying though) it was grace…dont know if you know her…I didn’t.She looks kinda punkish(she says she looks like the lead singer of yayaya’s)not too shabby like a 7 but she ended up hitting on me the whole night(I have a girl friend)I shoulda laced you up…sorry dog…:frowning:

well if you ever need a foot in the door so to speak next evo…Ill help you out(I was the tanned skinned skinny bleach spikey hair, wore chains guy…)

MONDAY monday la la… lalalala…

We wake up and slowly make our way out of the hotel. Start to say goodbye to miu etc(since he was right next to me,adam,and brians room all along lol)and all that kinda stuff.

To kill sometime before we all go to the airport, we visit the campus for a few mins(WHICH STILL I SEE NO ATTRACTIVE GIRLS)and meet up with brian(cha cha)josh(joshthefunkdoc)and his brother. So we go to there hotel room and waste some time there. We throw a mini fighters history dynamite tourny and I get second. Im saying this beacuse well the weekend had sucked so much ass up to this point game wise I was acctualy hopeing to do good in the game even if for fun. Unfortantly X-box pads are gay and I kept hitting shoulder buttons getting moves I didnt want. Oh well I guess I shouldnt get upset from loseing a game ive only played 3 times before and its for fun but just goes to show you I have horrible karma.

At some point im bored, and somone asks me to start singing songs to the tone of balls, and penis etc. So being that im a good sport I make up some songs. Anyway everyone is laughing etc and then all of the sudden I start getting attacked by bees. Yes Bees start to swarm into the hotel room and start attacking me.

At some point later while packing and trying to get back to the shuttle location bees start to swarm around us all again and well eventualy target my ass and I start running like a mother fucker. Now I already hate running cuz 1. I hate cardiovascular shit, I only like to just regularly work out. 2. My head is big as fuck and it doesnt like to be moving fast.

Anyway eventauly the bees leave me alone, but it was deffintly gay.

So most of us leave to the airport and decide to have one last meal with each other. But we all decided lets go get our boarding passes and then meet up at the international section etc.

Of course this also is gay, as my terminal just happens to be nowhere near anyone elses so im left to go all the way about a good 20 mins walk by myself to the other end of LAX to get mine and then come back.

Whatever the case at some point we did meet up, of course money was homosexual amounts. I swear why the fuck is a bottled water $3.45? Oh yea the reason im mentioning this, it was not plausible that I would not drink anything as I forgot to say but I also got sick durning this tournment and got a sore throat not to mention I was constipated for a couple days that was gay.

So with that side last meal was pretty boring since my line was hella long and I met up with everyone just as everyone was finishing, so more or less it was me eating while trying to keep them entertained by doing the “butterfly” for kenji. Laughing will be the death of kenji, when ever I tell that dude a story he litteraly falls out of his chair and looks like hes about to have a heart attack lol.

So as for the air ride back. It was hell. Of course the one trip I acctualy bring my panda pillow, I never can fucking get a window seat and I sure as hell cant fall a sleep in the aisle seat. So more or less its just me starting to fall in and out of conciousness every few mins makeing a hella tedious trip.

So when I get back things dont go any better, on the ride home I make a wrong turn and get somewhat lost. Then when I finaly get back on track 2 cars… YES 2 cars cut me off right when im trying to get back to where I want to be. So big fuck you to big white truck and black suv your gay. So then I end up going all the way back in a circle to the air port. I eventualy found my way home awhile later.


Once at home, I threw all my shit down, blocked destin from any instant messenger I had, fucked myself, took a shower, and more or less called it a trip.

So with that side lets look at some points from evo…

-Thanks to everyone that helped out, way to many people to name, but im sure everyone that helped out knows they did. So thanks to him.
-Again girl wise I was very disapointed, not much you can do though. I dunno I swear one day I need to not be a loser, I cant even hold a girls fucking hand I suck. Its rather depressing.
-Fuck who ever got sick at this tourny, and thus got me sick. Now being constipated is one thing, that is probably my own health problems being gay. But sore throat? Whoever gave me that is gay lol. T_T
-Fuck games in genral. I swear now first of all props to aaron(aka and ton of other names lol. Dude has more accounts then I did at one time lol) and dennys beacuse imo they were the people most improoved since I saw them last. But at the same time they were so utterly boring it was gay. I dunno I guess if there having fun thats all that matters, and well aaron especialy has gotten 10 folds better dude was just rapeing people period. But man I dunno game just isnt fun, no one is orginal anymore. I mean when people were suprised by mius tactics I was like… Wtf he is doing one thing that is new(nothing against miu of course as he is cool as fuck)how are these people acting like its new stuff??? I dunno of course miu I find orginal etc so I guess that last comment doesnt mean much. But in genral I see that XX is becoming a stupid game, no one is makeing up anything new its all stuff that has been done before, I dunno. Just disapointed I guess… But if the people are having fun more props to them I guess…
-People in genral, Thanks so much for everyone being for the most part nice to me etc. You guys really made the trip, if I wouldnt have met new people I think this would have been one of the biggest wastes of money ever. Really thanks to everyone even the people that I hate and stuff like Tragic,ID,Cblue,Flash,Deuce everyone that I “hate”(theres so many I cant possible name) you guys were all really cool. And with out you and everyone else I would have really had a horrible time so thanks. =]
-Oh and well people that I dont argue with get props to, so it was nice seeing everyone again that I dont see often, spence,other canadian guys,apoc,wes,jesse,eric choi,sean,mikey,man way to many people to even being to name, it was nice seeing you all again and hope everything goes well for you guys.
-Of course im still really pissed at destin. I dunno what his problem was this weekend, but he just took it way to far. He literaly single handly ruined most my trip. Im not sure if I made him mad at some point but whatever the case, I guess shit happens so if thats his way of getting back at me for whatever I did I guess good job dude, and I wont be talking to you again any time soon. I swear I just dunno im sure he is still nice to everyone else and in genral cool but to me you really fucking sucked. I didnt even want to play the game anymore.

I dunno as bhaskar jokeinly said from all the people that I have made quit the game looks like destin made me quit, but it wasnt from anything video game wise it was just being a ass ._. . Bhaskar also said he told destin about how when people get on my nerves I start playing worse and worse and thats the best way to try and beat me, so fuck you to bhaskar to haha if thats the case. Cuz guess destin took it pretty seriously and that was his mission shrug

Also from what I heard destin was also saying I was just upset beacuse my pride was hurt that he was doing better then me. He is retarded if he thinks that as I have always giving destin his props when I thought he did well. So he is retarded trying to say that. Im sure if someone was on him 24/7 telling him how cheaty he was and how much his opponent was better then him constently and even pyhsical hitting him while he was trying to practice im sure his ass would do worse as well, and not even want to play.

-Sucks playing shitty. Although my pad was a tad shitty it wasnt bad enough that I should have played so bad. I dunno oh well what can you do. I wish I coulda played more people, I know a lot of people wanted to play me, but I was really not feeling the game. So sorry to them I guess, though at the same time I wanted to play say ID,CBlue,fubarduck anyone that is suppose to be good etc… But I was to akward to really really presue it, just sorta wanted to didnt feel like makeing sure it happend. Guess thats the way it goes eh? I dunno I suck I guess. Also of course other people get pissed when I do bad. As bhaskar said its embarrsing to kenji and himself and others to see me lose when I always beat them so. =[ But thats just the karma that follows me around i guess.
-Not doing enough stuff. I really felt like getting stoned. I dunno just something to do. Obviously drinking is not anywhere in the future as even if I wanted to, drinking is a serious “no-no” when you already have health gay crap. But being stoned I may have made a exception. lol
-Thanks to california weather for being nice again. Every year I go its pretty nice, this year it was a tad to hot, but when I stero type california I think radicaly hot and it wasnt. So that was nice.

Anyway as always pics can be found here…


I dunno… Im sure I might think of some other things later and maybe post. Anyway as for AA guys im sure if we go out to eat I will think of something there and bitch and moan at you guys about the trip when that happens…

So yep guess that was for the most part the trip. =]

haha Didnt even notice. Oh well im not really a girl person anyway. NOT THAT IM GAY ETHIER!!! But I mean I honestly really have never held a girls hand before and I dont see it coming any time soon.

Thanks anyway though dude.

what the hell Clayton, what do you just have time all day to just sit up and write a log?

… I guess the answer is yes.

lol nah… well kinda… I took a break cuz i had doctors things, and then i just fell a sleep. So i took breaks!!!

I am writing a log that isn’t even half as long as his…

Don’t worry about people calling you gay, you don’t dress well enough to be gay. Also, don’t take shit from people. Punch the annoying fuck in the face.

Awesome log Clayton
sorry the trip didnt go in your favour, and that destin sounds like a real homo.

Anyways, don’t worry! One day, we will both get to hold hands with girls. well at least you get to hold hands with that blue-outfit girl =/

I swear Clayton, we are like heterosexuall soulmates. you are like the white version of me

One last thing, COME TO T5! I’ll try to hook you up with some girls! I promised

Dunno who you are, but just wanted to say thanks for posting up the pics + log. Really helps those who wanted to, but couldn’t go to to Evo get a better picture.

Sounds like you had a rough trip man. My advice is to just look at everything that happened in a positive outlook (excluding that destin guy). I’m sure all of us have had those kinda trips and believe me I know traveling is a pain in the ass and one small thing can ruin everything.

Just pretend the more bad shit that happens, the happier you’ll be because you conquered that shit. Haha lame I know. Yeah you don’t even know me so I’ll stop this rant. But dang you beating Ricky, that’s a feat!

Lol im not sure if that dressing thing is a compliment or not haha…

Anyway thanks guys but its ok, he use to be nice but I guess he just felt the need to make the trip as unjoyable as possible for me. Im sure he would still be nice to other people. I just had bad luck or something.

Anyway T5 really isnt look to good getting there. But never say never. =/ I will come to toronto again one day though!!

Fs dont quit homie that would be a bad thing for everybody. it was cool that u came at leat to me, just watchign your ky do stupidly cool shit i ncasual in the FL room that night u were showing IK glitches off just seeing u and kenji and the few words we exchanged.