EVO Log...

LOL! too gangsta.

dope blog, finalshowdown.


Hrmm which bugs did I show I dun remember anything other then the IK ones?? I dun remember, I know I kept forgeting to show people bugs randomly. I Just know to many of them I guess and I forget a lot of little ones shrug. Anyway as for quiting, well I had already started to lose intrest in the game for awhile now, and XX being at evo wasnt really hypeing me up or anything shrug… Anyway and of course gay things at evo really killed the enjoyment I had for the game. I wont quit but I will just continue to play less thats all. =/

Qwazy and Hsiangsta…
Lol thanks dude but honestly beating ricky I didnt think was very impressive. I guess he is considerd good but I dunno I was playing shitty so it wasnt anything cool. Shrug anyway thanks for the compliment though =/

Anyway sorry i suck, i will try and do better next year if i go maybe.

Yeah, Destin was a bit rough on you man, but you gotta take that shit with a grain of salt. Don’t let it bother you, if you do you show it’s a weak point, and people exploit your weak points.

nice log. True Love was indeed a dope game…heh heh

So many posts about me, i feel so loved. Anyways, I always act like this around clayton, he never seems to be bothered by anything, so I thought nothing of it. When his friend said he was really pissed, I let off. Being tough on clayton is the only way to counteract the numerous homosexual refrences he throws towards us. Seemed like SOP, he got annoyed, I let off. He had such a huge ego, i doubted the musings of some random scrub would get him down. Well, I already apologized during the trip, not much more I can do. Living my life in the past would be the worst way to do things, so I will just let this slide over. Think about it this way, for every time I had said that you should FD or such, you have corrected my gameplay. For every time i said ky wasn’t the worst char, you have said 50 times some char or another was cheaty. Anyways, good luck, hope you don’t let this get you down for all games, you have put too much into it to turn your back to it completely.

Peace and love yo.

  1. Yea you are sarcastic with me, but never to this exstent and also for the whole fucking 6 days I was there. You were non stop were as usualy you are just like this sometimes.

  2. When you told me you would let off, you sure as fuck didnt. You continuned to be a ass the whole fucking trip.

  3. also I never fucking try to correct your gameplay I dun give a shit about dizzy. You are the one that acts lieka fucking know it all all the fucking time about the game. If you want to act like im the one always telling you what to do you need to look in the mirror dude, you are always telling people to do shit, maybe you shoudl just mind your own buisness for a chance its exstermly annoying. Maybe everyone once in awhile is ok you feel the need to do it constently for some reason.

  4. For everytime you talk ky dude thats cuz you guys always bring it up first, you guys always expect me just to bash me every single fucking time I play, so what should I do never say anything. I cant even fucking play a single match with out someone saying how much everyone else is better then me and how I just do cheaty stuff or how I play such a easy character and my character is so hard to play wha wa wa.
    I never bring this shit up hardly ever unless someone else says cuz again I dun give a shit about characters like dizzy and that crap.

  5. Get down? Dude you ruined the whole reason I went on the trips games. Anyway only thing I had fun with was other stuff…


That it was, I acctualy listen to the music regularly even to this day. @_@

It seems unproductive for me to continue posting in this thread, so I will discontinue.

You know who I h8? dotq! Would’ve been way too good to have him around!



In other news: Break it up, love birds. Not worth dwelling upon. :confused:

Destin loves heroin.

Log that puts Clayton’s, to shame:


Yo FS, I didn’t know that it turned out so shitty for ya but whatever there are more evos to come. And also you and I have yet to hang out together sometime at at least one evo. I know how you feel when someone’s on your back for a lot of dumb shit but whatever you already did what I woulda done…blocked him off for eternity. Keep it real man and hey you beat Ricky, that fucker shoulda at least had some respect but what can ya do with people like him. You won so whatever let him pms about it.

Anyways feel better and don’t give up on the games…just give up on the things that prevent you from enjoying them.:wink: