EVO Madness! Who will be the Top 8 character in USF4?... Predictions?


I was thinking it be cool to do a March Madness style “Perfect” bracket thing for EVO. I would love to pick the top 8 Players, but that’s a stretch. A new comer could come out of nowhere and place, and of course Mike Ross would be ruling at the 8th spot. So who’s down to take a shot at it? Top 8 characters in order. Of course you can have the same character multiple times. If a player uses a different character, they have to advance with that character, or the last character they used. The day before EVO is the last day to post, and you can’t re-edit your post. :slight_smile:


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Dan and Hugo.


I’d actually really like another fantasy bracket like they did for the 25th anniversary tournament, but it would probably work better with the Capcom Cup,


Zangief, Dan, Hugo, Deejay, Hakan, Thawk, Cody, Ken


Yun (Kazunoko), Ken (Momochi), Evil Ryu (Daigo), Cammy (Xiao Hai), Balrog (Pr Balrog), Fei Long x 2 (Fuudo, Mago), C.Viper (Latif), that’s in no particular order.

Tho I really don’t know if Latif still plays.


Kazunoko Daigo Haitani Pr Rog Xiao Hai Momochi Gamerbee…Dieminion or Sako.

Don’t even know if that’s possible cause brackets but whatevs.


Latif does still play in UAE.

Xiaohai and Dieminion are in the same pool, going through the entire top 128 bracket in losers would be absolutely insane for either of them.


In terms of performance… these characters have the highest chance of seeing Top 8

E.Ryu, Balrog, Yun, C.Viper, Fei Long, Ken, Akuma

Also, Momochi appears to be far from every player at his level. He’s definitely in the least stacked block except he will have to deal with 2 Viper’s (Latif and JaycetheAce) those players play Viper similar and Jayce made Momochi look very free at SEAM.

PR Rog and Sako are the strongest players in their block

Infiltration’s block is probably the most stacked one, Xiao Hai, Allioune, Dieminion, Kazunoko etc

Daigo’s is stacked as well.


I wonder if Momochi would be willing to use Juri against the Vipers.
Viper vs Juri is heavily in Juri’s favor when the Viper doesn’t have enough experience fighting her.


I believe there will be at least 2 Americans in top 8.

I think the top 8 characters will include- Akuma, 2-3 yuns, Evil Ryu, no cammies, maybe a Fei long or charizard. I’m predicting one surprise character. I don’t know who it will be but there should be one that might be making its first top 8 debut :wink:


I think people have forgotten that Yossan, Acqua, Kojikog, Kok, Mizoteru and other Japanese players that don’t travel, are also in attendance.

  1. akuma
  2. akuma
  3. E. Ryu
  4. sagat
  5. elana
  6. yun
  7. dudley
  8. ken


Boy, all these predictions sure seem silly now, don’t they?


Had a feeling Ricky Ortiz was gonna make it far, i honestly thought 2 or 3 Americans would be top 8 cause of various reasons. Americans have been improving (YES I SAID IT SO WHAT, FUCK YOU AND THE JAPANESE NUTS YOU LOVE, WE GET IT THE JAPANESE ARE GOOD)

Some people were saying
PR Rog

Knew it wasn’t gonna happen, you have to factor in bracket placement luck and quantum physics, maybe he wants to fight this character, maybe C. Viper is this guys demon, Japanese knocking each other out, as STUPID as that sounds, well i think so anyways. Guess America wasn’t as free as people were saying. PS: I hate America, don’t confuse this for any sense of nationalism or pride for my county

PSS: It sucks that Dieminion and Snake eyes had to fight each other before top 8, wish one of them fought a Japanese


@YorKeY, still shocked that at least 2 of that 5 aren’t in.

I had PR Rog and Ryan Hart going far, Infiltration should be in there, and really thought Daigo was going to have the tournament of his life. I really really want to see his match with John Choi. Choi just was one play I would’ve never anticipated to put Daigo out of a tournament (Unless we’re talking any other game that Choi played seriously.)

I was wrong on every single pick I made, which is a first for me. I would not have called Louffy, Gackt, or Snake Eyez in Top 8. Bonchan makes sense, Fuudo and Sako makes sense as well.

This is a wild Evo.


Some people were also saying that the top 8 would be completely Japanese and that there won´t be any EU players in top 8 lol.


I’m honestly not surprised at all with top 8, yeah I thought some players like Daigo and Kazunoko had a good chance of making it but at this stage there’s just so many really amazing players in sf4 that can all beat each other in a tournament setting that it was always likely top players would get knocked out long before top 8.