Evo Minor Scheduling Change

3rd Strike on Friday will begin at 12:00pm instead of 1pm. If this presents a problem for someone whos flight doesnt get in until noon, please let me know.


What happened to the new banner?
The on with the Big X on the middle, it looked pretty bad ass

EDIT: Not available for prems yet
oh well.

anyway, I have a question
all 3s pools start at the same time or is it gonna be like 2005 where some would start early and the others like at 6

on the other hand, if thats the case can you post the pools before the tournament?

All pools start at noon.

The plan is to post pool assignments the week before evo, but we will see how that progresses.

Sweet…pool assignments before Evo would be awesome. Get to see who’s gonna arpe me in advance.

This basically means my ass has to get sleep Friday night. No games…just sleep.

My dick. Yo ass. No homo. Ret’s Lock.

Lame question but if there are odd number of people in CVS2 pools then can I join the day pools start? I only singed up for Super Turbo