Evo MM's. 3rd Strike. No Joke

What’s up everybody.

After the large disappointment last year with all these “proposed” MM’s, I’ve decided to make this a no joke thread. I’m tired of all this “I lost too much money already” or “I don’t want to do it” crap. No fun going to Vegas all hyped about all the MM’s you have only to find out that they all crapped out in the end.

If you would like to MM me, post it. I’m a scrub anyways.

Regarding the days of Evo, I will put up a sign saying “Kai” and hopefully that’ll stop giving most of you an excuse to not MM. If we’re unable to finish any MM’s that day, I will let out to a few select people where another location is, and will finish the rest of the matches there.

Up to $40 a match.

If you post and don’t MM, I’ll be sure to bring it up somewhere.

And to further interest to see who will play, if you would like to MM against myself and:


Please post it. I have not gotten confirmation from them, but I’m sure if the interest is there they don’t mind playing.

Get serious.


Sick son. I give you props for being up.

I’ll MM you, Kai. :tup:

Whaddya say?? FT5 for 30, 40? FT10? Call it.

Edit: Tell Ryan i’ll MM him, too. Same Stipulations. :bgrin:

all of the above: 2/3 - $10

gootecks knows what i look like in case we never run into each other :sweat:

if I go, you’re all on

Hi, 2/3 for 20$? Somethin small and friendly

Said3s: Sure whatever you want. FT5 for $40.

And Face, you know that we’d be playing 2/3 for $20 then. Since it’s a 2 man team, and I’m sure $5 isn’t even worth playing for.

SWEET!!! :nunchuck:

edit: nevermind :wasted: can’t make it to evo

So close. Any more MM’s?