Evo Moments List


Well obviously after that jwong match that’s a new evo moment but I just wanted to know is there a list of all the evo moments up to date and what they are? Google doesn’t seem to be my friend about it lol.


Idk but the 8 or 9 year old exposing grown men was funny as well as DR Ray blowing himself up.


marvel 2 top players (sanford, clock, yipes) getting blown up. idk but that is pretty sad to see. just shows how they haven’t really adapted to marvel 3.

also, no japanese players at top 8 marvel. yay?


top 3 are

  1. Aris/Kayo commentary
  2. Noah
  3. DR Ray killing himself


“The Uppercut” Daigo Vs. Valle (Top 32)

That was an incredible match.


I got to pretty much agree with this. Mike Ross’ reaction after the DR Ray match was hilarious. For people who happened to miss 1 and 3

Aris and Kayo

DR Ray EVO Moment


The Mike Z 75 Hit Tager Combo. No video yet, but that shit was beyond hype.


AndyOCR Haggar OCV against a Phoenix team is the ultimate Evo moment.


Aris baiting Kayo Police to marry him. Rabbit season, duck season.




I’d have to agree some of those are pretty beast, but what about Evo as a whole throught the years up till now, is there a list for those too? But people keep posting this years one and what they think. @TrueFist - 79 Tager combo needs to be seen NAO

That deathwish match was nuts…


So I hear Kayo is a guy.




almost fell for it, not gonna lie.


Anybody have video of fanatiq vs combofiend in top 32 that was epic

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to try and show vids of the evo moments people posting:

Daigo vs Alex Valle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9dTq41pX2I

The ones with yipes etc will prob be posted by the same guy later on, will try and get on those later.

Semi finals 1-7 uploaded MvC3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZHgBHvwbsE&feature=feedu


lmfao I’m in tears


love how everyones ignoring OPs question


Anyone else feel the Kayo police subject is tired? Guess not.

Anyway, I know I’ve seen other “evo moments” numbered, but I’ve never seen a complete official list if there actually is one. But these IMO should be in this years evo list:
Shiro vs Xian: Makoto dash up ultra to punish Yun’s back jump.
Poongko vs Mike Chow: Poongko with his patent styling for the end of the set. Mike Chow was very competitive is this set, I honestly thought he was gonna put Poongko in losers. Shout outs to Fresno
X-Ray vs Clockw0rk: Last match. Utter and complete destruction with style.

I can’t remember more at the moment, gonna have to look at the battle logs.


DR Ray taunting Vangief lmao


Poongko’s 53 hit combo.