Evo Money Match: Thongboy Bebop vs His Own Laziness: $2000 or best offer


I realize I’ve been a real chump about working on videos and pushing back release dates, and there’s no one to blame for it but myself. I seriously think about it every damn day, and though I try to convince myself that no one cares if I release a new one or not and/or that there’s no need anymore, people already know the stuff I would say, I know that’s just me being a pussy. So I’m making a money match, me versus me. If I don’t follow through, I will seriously quit SF forever.

I personally guarantee that I will be at the Evo Finals in Las Vegas, no matter what (there’s a rumour going around that I’ll be at Evo East next week with Mike “I’m so awesome even Thongboy jocks me” Z, it’s probably true). I will be carrying a small notebook, and I’m sure you’ll see me because I’m literally almost seven feet tall. If you come up to me and ask, I’ll put your e-mail in this book. The reason why is simple.

If I do not release at least four videos before the end of the year, every single person in that book will receive 40 dollars from me. Personally. I will mail it to your house and sign the bill myself. Maybe even put a little thank you note in the envelope. I’ll go through the book and mail the cash to each person until I’ve gone through 2g’s of my own hard-earned dough, and if I don’t of course SRK will call me out on it. The money will all be mailed within 2 months of the deadline (JANUARY 1, 2007 SOLID), and I’m not MLG so you know I mean it.

The four videos will be Gen Ed Vol 2, the secret Unblockables vid that crashed my machine and made me quit making videos, the Necro vid, the Q vid, and another video of my own choosing. Oh, but Ironhead! That’s FIVE videos! That’s right, I said at least four. So if I haven’t completed those and gotten halfway through the fifth, I still owe money (but I won’t quit, dammit!).

This is obviously an ego thing and I feel like a chump doing it, but I need to make sure that there’s something really frightening pushing me along to keep me focused and to stop me from blowing all the money on hookers and blow.

Thanks for your support, I won’t let you down again.


Edit: Fixed!


Hookers FTW!


On January 1, I am going to drive down to your house and pick up my money.




THIS IS MASTER CHIBI under a friend’s handle~

Thongboy, I have faith in you.

And you still have my support.

But I want my money.

<3 :smiley: <3




remember I got some secrets for you. necro forums are pretty junk lately so hopefully me and the fatbear, and few others can help you out.


Someone get my name in that book. I still can’t make it this year.


I saw Thongboy at FFA tonight, tapped him on the shoulder, and said “where’s my money bitch.” From what he has told me he will be releasing a video in at least two weeks. Hope to see it. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!


Oh mannnnnnn, I wanted to see the 2 vid with Ryo playing 3S.

I been waiting for that for more than a year now


So, let me get this straight, you have like 2 grand to give away, right? Uh, did you get your PS2/Cables/Capture Card/PC? Cause you can buy all that + child labor with 2 grand.


…who the fuck r u?

BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM…lol j/k, so you r FINALLY going to make more videos. lol honestly I could careless, but Obviously Srk can’t wait to see what happens, and quite frankly neither can I, So Good luck…


Best money match ever. I’m down.

Yeah, you should only spend sixty or seventy percent of your money on hookers and blow. Seventy-five percent tops.


All jokes aside, I’m glad to see you put yourself out there like this Thongboy. I don’t know how long you’ve been putting them off, but more vids/the embarassment of losing 2 grand will more than make up for it.

But yea…I hope you get the videos out instead of having to pony up…in any case I wish you the best of luck.


oh happy day


Stop crumbling beneath the weight of your own genius.


Where do i send you my address for the free money?


i’m hunting you down just gonna run around screaming niles


Easiest side bet I’ve ever seen: $10 on his laziness. You may think Thongboy is big, but his laziness can crush cars and ravage cities…at least, it could if it would get out of bed once in a while.

Mike Z


Are you gonna be around Evo Finals too? I want to be in the book but won’t be at Evo East. :frowning: