Evo Monitor changing?


Up until this point, the ASUS VH236H has been the official monitor used at both fighting game events and MLG. Is that changing anytime soon?

Recently, MLG has changed their official monitor from the ASUS VH236H to the BenQ GL2450HM. Will the evo staff and the fighting game community eventually follow suit?

I want to know because I’m going to buy one of these monitors tomorrow.


I’d say just buy the Asus, it’s already an established monitor with solid results, reviews, and what not.

Even if EVO does switch, the change won’t mean that the Asus is bad or anything like that.


Yeah, you don’t really need to bank on Evo’s change in monitor to buy your own. The Asus is established as good for FGs, and I believe that BenQ model is too. There’s other brands that have proven solid in the same way, so what Evo uses is not the be all end all for HD fighting gaming.


Evo is committed to the ASUS VH236H.


dont want to make a thread about it, but i have a question regarding headsets

im a player that needs to hear wats going on, so i was wondering what kind of headsets and how would you connect them to these monitors?

links would be nice too


I was wondering… have you guys ever considered using the LGs they use at godsgarden


I’m 99% sure if you want a headset you have to bring your own. At least I don’t recall any being provided in pools.