EVO Monitor + PS2: How to?


Hi, I’d like to know what do I need to make these work together, and if it would be reasonably lag-free. I tried a cable I bought from DealExtreme, but it didn’t work (or I didn’t know how to make it work), so any suggestions would be much appreciated. Do I need a dedicated VGA box, or just a plain PS2 to VGA cable would work? Can I use component quality, or I’m stuck with composite?


The ps2 itself can output to vga, but none of the games can, lol. Your best bet is a Component to VGA box (which should still be lag-free). If you find an affordable one, please share.


Lag-free upscalers are hard to find. I’m not aware of any good cheap ones.


THIS. I’m pretty lost on how you’d do this lag free.


You could try this: http://www.jammaboards.com/store/cga-ega-yuv-to-vga-arcade-hd-converter-pcb-gbs-8220-gbs-8220.html

It would hook up like this PS2> Component Cables> VGA Convertor> SLG3000(Optional)> VGA Monitor


Looks interesting. Anyone has any experience with that converter? Also, what is that SLG3000?


It does scan lines. Good luck with the quest. I have an HD Box Pro which is Component to VGA but it apparently lags a few frames. There are also Component to HDMI converters if the monitor supports it.


That GBS8220 converter has about 30ms delay. Your best solution is the XRGB-2. Check this site out for information on various upscalers:



Evo Monitor has HDMI, but I’m using that port for the console.

Dark Gaiden, I’ll check the site. I remember hearing that there’s a XRGB-3 too? Also, those devices are p.expensive :frowning:


What is this EVO monitor you guys are talking about? Been trying to find information about it since that weekend.


Asus VH236H


expect lag with any vga box…

might be ok for casual play but you dont wanna run tourneys on evo monitor+ps2 or whatever. I heard hd box pro is pretty good if not the best.


From what you say, then there’s no viable option? Not even this hd box pro is an optimal solution?


Real gangstas use an XRGB to do what you’re describing. You might try the HD Box Pro to see if it works for you. At the XRGB pricepoint you might just look for a monitor that has component inputs.


No the real gansters uses the framemeister


only around $600 or so


Nice. I would imagine there are lagless monitors with component inputs?


God… the framemeister is such a beast. If I was a richer guy… well, I’d go out and buy one.


Here’s the ongoing discussion for the HD Box Pro. Sounds like a viable solution (esp. for the price): http://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=20122

Keep in mind that anytime you convert or upscale you induce some amount of lag. Anything a PS2 puts out is analog. Run that through an upscaler and there is lag for: Analog to Digital conversion, upscaling the image, and then converting the Digital image back to Analog (VGA). Then inside the LCD monitor, the analog VGA signals get converted back to Digital so the LCD can make use of it. All these things are factors, so ultimately you need to do your own lag testing with your complete setup. There are probably some good threads about lag testing around here.


Guess I’ll have to go for the HD Box Pro, the guys that play Danmakus say that it’s quite good, and they’re as picky as us regarding input lag issues.


So this takes in component AND VGA and outputs it as VGA? This could do awesome stuff for my older consoles and PS2/Wii.