EVO Monitor (VH236H) On Sale @Newegg again!


Use coupon code EMCJHKJ38
Brings the price down to $160.
Also has a $20 mail in rebate.


Looking to buy a lag free HD Monitor or TV (Help me lol)

Nice, a really good HD monitor for $160, $140 after rebate. That is hard to beat.
I think thats the same monitor I decided to get my parents when their trusty old CRT monitor died.


Is this (still?) the best sub-$200 LCD monitor for timing important games?


A few days ago there was a front page article on the same series monitor that was 1 inch smaller for $120, with $20 rebate. But for those that missed out on the sale, this is THE EVO monitor, the VH236H.


Has Asus mad a specific pro gaming monitor yet? They have to have realised how sought after their VH series is. They should develop a model that capitalizes on its strengths.

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Sadly I believe most manufacturers do not have any love for gamers. In the past Monitors and TVs directed towards gamers didn’t sell well. Hell even Intel has no real love for gamers.
Currently the only company that produces a LCD screen with gamers in mind is Sony with their PlayStation Branded 3D HDTV.

Also sadly a dedicated Gaming monitor would run higher than $200


I guess it just works out best for everyone involved if they just keep churning out VH series monitors.

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I just ordered one of these. I’ll compare it to the VH238H (LED model) when I get it. I’ll decide which one I want to keep then or I might keep both for a dual monitor setup.


I’m curious about this myself, let us know how it stacks up against the led. I see that at Micro center all the time, but they never have the vh in stock.


I’m curious too - would the VH2x8H series (either the 22" or 23") or the VE 24" series (VE248H for example) work just as well as the Evo VH236H? Talking pure input lag here. I’d rather have the bigger one and an LED to boot for the better image quality.

Anyone do any lag tests on the different ASUS models?

Thanks all!


We’re still waiting for conclusive results. Someone in the sub 1 frame input lag thread got 14 ms from it in the Rock Band test, but I don’t think that test is conclusive. It’s not the 8ms that is listed in that thread for the VH236H.


Thanks Ragnorok!


i have been holding off on this tv every time i see a deal because the next one just keeps getting better and better. I am really not sure if i should hold off one more time or not.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen this below $140 before, might be as good as you see it.


Newegg sold Open Box ASUS VH236H in July for $78. :sad:
But that does not count, right?


Damn, I would have jumped all over that.


I bought three of them.


Have they all worked consistently?


when using this monitor, which cables would you recommend hooking your 360 up to the monitor with? i am looking for a lag-free tv, the best HD tv i had was a flatscreen sylvania. i don’t know the model, but it was 480p and it was like playing on a CRT.