EVO MvC2 Exhibtion, Masters Challenge Team Tournament

MvC2 Exhibtion, Masters Challenge Team Tournament

Hi guys,

Rather than simply doing another 5on5, here’s an idea we’ve been kicking around as an MvC2 Exhibition.

4 Team, single elimination TEAM TOURNAMENT. Each team has 3 members, standard team tournament rules. Here’s what we’re thinking for the teams:

  1. Team EC (Team Empire instead?)
  2. Team CA
  3. Team Seattle
  4. Wildcard! (single elim tournament determines this team)

Here’s the catch. This is a Master’s Challenge, so no bandwagoning allowed. That means each team can use only 1 max of each character. So at most 1 magneto, 1 sentinel, etc on the whole team! The team that has mastered a complete roster of characters will win.

Edit: Another idea we just had is to have the teams DRAFT their characters, like in the NBA lottery. So now there’s just 1 Magneto, and you have to draft him! This would provide a lot more variety, and would force the teams to use some creativity when building their teams.

I don’t think the draft idea would turn out really well, but hey, to each his own. I personally like the first idea, and I see it better that way. But hey what do I know. :slight_smile:

Teams of 3 with 1 max of each character would mean 9 characters and it’s really easy to get 9 characters in MvC2.

Magneto, Storm, SEntinel, Cable, Captain Commando, Psylocke, Ironman, Cyclops, Doom. Maybe BH, Strider, Spiral.

I like the idea of an NBA draft. If we’re doing 4 teams of 3, this would lead to a total of 36 characters. Now it’s gonna have a ton of character variety. I’d definitely vote for this route. In addition to the 12 above, there’s gonna be an additional 24 characters.

Also, I’d like to suggest team Japan be included instead of the Wildcard. They are very good with a lot of characters and would provide a very good exhibition.

We’re still tinkering with the rules. Tentatively, before each match, teams would alternate drafting a character. After both teams had 9 characters, they would create their teams and fight it out.

if this turns out really well, its gotta make the 2004 DVD.
It looks like its something different (which could be a good thing), but talk about overkill on MvC2 (I feel for the MvC2 haters even though I play it myself.)

Wow, this idea is pretty tight. So far, I think the most solid choices for stuff like this would be to have one MSP, a team scrub variation (they may have to sub commando out if the third man needs a good assist), and one odd man out who uses a unique squad. Guys like Julius or Zaza could step up for stuff like this.

Ink or Ponder, any idea how the members of each team will be selected now?

The beauty of the draft process is that you can block those teams. If the other team already has Magento and Storm and it’s your turn, you can steal Psylocke away from them. :smiley:

It will almost certainly be 3on3.

Sounds good so far. Any chance of using teams of 4? That would lead to a total of 24 different characters rather than 18, and a more fair selection process.

If there was a team of 4 members: selection would go

Team A selects 1
Team B selects 2,3
Team A selects 4,5
Team B selects 6,7
Team A 8,9
Team B 10,11
Team A 12,13
TEam B 14,15
Team A, 16,17
TEam b 18,19
Team A 20, 21
Team B 22, 23
Team A 24

If it was teams of 3 members, Team B would be stuck with the last pick while Team A still got the first pick.

Team A selects 1
Team B selects 2,3
Team A selects 4,5
Team B selects 6,7
Team A 8,9
Team B 10,11
Team A 12,13
TEam B 14,15
Team A, 16,17
TEam b 18

Team A point sum in 4 member team: 150
Team B point sum in 4 member team: 150

Team A point sum in 3 member team: 85
Team B point sum in 3 member team: 86

Just a little something to take note of.

Also, if you want to add another twist: Recommended assists only. :smiley:

Unlikely. What you’d find is that the 1st player on each team would get all the garbage charaters and the match score would start 1-1 (with the 6 garbage characters being eliminated 1st).

Yes, more diversity, but completely uninteresting.

Yeah I see what you mean. One way to to counter this would be to have an overall draft pick rather than individual drafts between the two teams that are going to match up. If there’s going to be 4 teams, the big 4 (mag/cable/sent/storm) will most likely be split between the 4 teams, and each team will have to rely on their garbage characters to win the matchups. This should be interesting as people will pick characters just to mess up their opponents teams. the sentinel team will pick psylocke to screw up MAgneto, and the Mag player will pick Commando… etc.

I guess what it boils down to is whether people want to see character diversity, or high-level play. I’d vote for character diversity in the exhibition because we’re already gonna see high-level play in the finals.

Can we still do a 5on5 WC vs EC? This idea seems cool and would be a lot of fun, but it’s not anything serious or anything the winner should brag about.

hmm i dunno, it seems weird and i dont think ud get the best from each place. or im just not gettin it. is this example right??

this is an example**

Josh Wigfall(mag*/storm*/psy)

team seattle:

ok so those r basic teams each would pick, so by these rules anyone with a star has to change there teams and connot use what another has already picked. so that would mean josh wigfall cant really use a team he would and jmar cant pick his team at all, which makes them unfit for the team. so the teams would have to go pick another person for the team that doesnt use anyone that is already picked. right?

so wouldnt that make each team not as fit or as great as it could be since they have to pick around there teams that they would choose normally??

100% agree with infinite, please don’t limit char selection, even if people are sick of seeing 2 msp’s on the same team, nobody would complain if choi and valle both picked st ryu, and that game is how old?

Interesting post. You mentioned Justin would probably want to play mag/cable/sent. Note that in this format, you probably can’t even get all 3 of those character (for example, if Team EC doesn’t get to pick first, the other team will probably have Magneto!).

So yes, in this format people who specialize with a particular team are at a disadvantage. Similiarly, you don’t want to fill your team with people who play the same character, as you only have 1 (or 0!) of that character to use.

The teams that do well will be the ones who have players who use a variety of different characters (like Viscant) or who play wacky teams well (like MikeZ’s Doom/Tron/Jugg team).

So why do this instead of the 5on5?

  1. Last year the 5on5 didn’t seem to prove anything. Many EC posters still claim they have the best Marvel players, even though TeamEC got summarily beaten down. Many posters don’t give Soo credit for beating Justin because nothing was really at stake, etc.

  2. This gives more people an opportunity to particpate than just the 10 people SRK.com picks (via the Wildcard slot).

  3. It sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

It would be better if the draft was done between all 4 teams. It’s already used for sports so i think the idea works.

To make it fair you might want to reverse the order between rounds, so it goes ABCD-DCBA, repeat. It sounds like it would be more of a team game than a bunch of 1-1 matches this time.

Why keep the 5 on 5 instead of this?

This format is a joke to the hardcore players, limiting character usage between the best players in the world is just a bad idea. This sounds like a gimmick to promote character variety.

Last years 5 on 5 proved that wc was better THEN, why only give ec one shot? I think it’s safe to say that wc slacked off(judging from the recent closing of arcades and from watching wc videos) and ec picked up the ball. The 5 on 5 was huge, people loved that shit, why not give them more? Especially considering the end result is likely to be either closer or the opposite. It’s about competition, not gimmicky fun for the crowd.

I agree that the event would be entertaining, but ask yourself, will the crowd reaction be anything like last year when soo beasted?

People are looking forward to re-matches. thats why we travel out to the wc. Not to fight low/mid tier.

Another idea is to expand the 5 on 5 to include the other regions and expand on the team vs team concept.

well imo, the people that posted they liked it are people that either dont play the game,play low tiers, not up there lv, this seems more for entertainment for those type of players than more of a whos better from seattle,ec,cali,wildcard. that being for the fact that players cant play with what they are used to(handicap) and u wont get the best from each region.

more a fun thing to waiste time than something thats like “man i gotta buy the dvd to see soo beast on justin in the team tourny” or other matches that were there and seeing who the best is at the time.

Well, here is what I think (shhh) if you limit it to one character, lets say team 1,does like a mediorcre combo rather than an amazing one with magneto, now team two probably has a better one…

  1. If you really want to make it a competition for that you can leave the single char thing.

  2. If you want to make it an over cool experience for everyone to watch you can make it no limit.

The only problem is somone doing something TOO repetitive…

Where is the CvS2 or 3S love for team tournies?

If i understood the idea ink gave, i think its great. for once we get to see more then 4 characters being played in this game! this is something refreshing to see in mvc2. seeing the same characters used (magnus/storm/cable/sent) over and over bores me to tears. Especially when people play the same way with the big 4. And im sure there are others that would agree with me. We need a change of pace in this game. If there are no changes made then we will see Storm runaway mashing the fierce button again, Magnus doing tri-jumps until it hits then air combo into tempest again, Cable runaway 24/7 again, Sent drone super with low beam then more drone super over and over…and when victim in corner stomp on them to death again. Its the same thing! Great idea ink.