EVO mvc3 build breakdown

Finally I have a chance to sit down and write up something on mvc3. Not sure if I should create another thread or not?. I probably will along with posting this up in the mvc3 general thread.

1st off this was the EVO build, and everything in my gut tells me this game is still gonna go through a lot of changes. However this game was mad fun, there are a few things that if done right can really put things over the top.
I played marvel for probably about 10 of the 22-24 hours it was up. So I got a chance to play a good bit.

Also you?re going to have to excuse typos and misspelled words, I plan on writing a decent bit in a short amount of time. I?ll probably go back through and correct them at a later date, but for now this is a breakdown of mvc3

How does it feel?
It?s a rare feeling nowadays to sit down with something you?re anticipating get your hands on it and walk away feeling like you played something totally new. MVC3 kinda left me with this feeling, when I 1st sat down and played I attempted you average magic series chain combo and it was well?weird. Yes A goes in B and into C ( for most) but it didn?t feel as dial a combo as other Vs games and even some other fighters. ( a few blaz blue characters come to mind)

Did it feel like TVC or MVC2?? Honestly neither really, it didn?t feel like a vs game at all imo, but some weird love child of the vs series that had a similar button lay out to TVC, with tag team battles like vs games. ( I am a ?tvc and marvel player?) The closes feeling I had was actually that of MSH.

Universal Air Dash
Another thing that was strange was when sitting down the 1st day and trying to UIAD only to find out it wasn?t even in the current build. Literally my mind defaulted to TVC/blaz blue mode upon sitting down and I attempted to close the distance by IAD. After losing a match or 2 because of trying to close the distance by dashing in, I got out of zombie mode and actually began to think about how to get around zoning.
It was pretty funny to hear a lot of tvc players cry about not being able to get in on characters like deadpool or chris. It really wasn?t that bad to get in on those guys, you just had to play it smart, its like they just wanted to IAD with everyone forward for free, but with that said there are certain characters that do have a really hard time approaching if things are being spammed on the ground. Felica, hulk, had the biggest problems. It is something that needs to be addressed but not buy giving everyone a air dash. One of the best things I heard to come out of capcom reps mouth while I was playing was that marvel actually didn?t want people that couldn?t fly/ or dash in the air to be able to do so in the game. I had to grin and smile at that. I?m glad marvel understands that dead pool or wolverine dashing in the air is just not right. Same for ryu etc etc?

Graphics the game looks beautiful in motion; I was one of the people that said I really didn?t care for the art, but after walking in that 1st day and seeing it in motion. :amazed: A few characters like hulk and IM look like they could use a bit more life to them?. Meaning they look kinda stiff, kind of like a puppet on a string. Whereas a few characters like dead pool and dante and even ryu looked and moved prefect.

***Weak Strong Fierce
Exchange Assist1 Assist2

The controls for this build are close to how I hope it stays. It works well with the over all goal of what there trying to do. Tagging out requires you to hold a button, assist 1 will tag in that character and assist 2 the other. And unlike marvel once a assist dies you can just mash on any assist button to call the assist you still have to hit and hold the correct assist button to tag that character in or call for the assist. At 1st this will probably take most people back some (it did for me) but I works really well. You will never hear someone say ?I didn?t mean to switch? it?s almost impossible to switch by mistake.

The strange thing about the controls are that if you have played other vs games and you know what Fierce should be hitting the exchange button to get the Fierce that your use to can be confusing?. Honestly the best ways to look at you controls are?.

Weak Strong Strong
Fierce A1 A2*
Fierce On the ground is your launcher and in the air is your combo extender (tag out) or flying screen finisher.

Sound, it was hard to hear the sound most times but one TV on the right side was turned up and bit. And if you?re a fan of the comics or the characters in general you will be pleased. The dialog between characters make teams picked seem more personal. The whole sound of the game reminded me of that feeling of walking into the arcade and seeing xcota ?.Everything about this game gave me a great arcade feeling when it came to the sound a graphics.

Supers on this game range from great to well great? Some are more useful than others but that?s how it goes with any game right. My biggest complaint about supers on this game is that if you activate a super regardless of if it comes out you lose that meter. I really don?t like that its made even worst by the fact that you don?t get meter for whiffing attacks in this build. So having a super stuffed before it even starts up and losing the meter is extremely lame. If a super gets stuffed once it?s activated and has started up that?s one thing, but getting hit out a super and losing meter for it as soon as you finish the motion is trash. And only made worst by the fact that you can?t get that meter back by whiffing moves.

Lvl 3 supers.
Hulk meteor drop ( I could have swore when I attempted it was level one)
Ryu- Shin Shoryuken
Morrigan- Darkness illusion
Chris- Satellite Laser
Wolverine- Weapon X
Iron Man- True Uni-Beam
Hulk- Gamma Smash
Deadpool- Breaks the 4th wall
Captain America- Final Justice
Dante-Never saw or attempted to do his
Felica ? help me

???- Supers/ exchange moves
Upon playing wolves the 1st day I kept running into the problem of doing a super while trying to wave dash. I couldn?t figure out why It kept happening. But eventually I figured out a few characters had ??? supers/moves or utility supers I call them for now. There weren?t printed on the move list and just about no one knew how to do them.

Most of the moves or supers where down with down down down 3 attack buttons. ( could have been 2 attack buttons but I always uses three)

Wolves- super just happen to be his speed up. AND MAN DOES HE SPEED UP?crazy fast and quicker recovery on moves from what I could tell.

Edit: wolverine in this build could active this super tag or dhc out while under the effects and come back in with the remaining speed up time left :amazed:

Morrigan -had a soul illusion which put a mirror image of her behind the opponent that mimicked everything that you did (think MSH spiderman with power gem but the mirror image actually hits)

Chris- Didn?t have a super but he got into the prone position ala solid snake. He could shoot single shoots from his hand gun and avoid just about all moves besides lows and jump ins. It sucked however for the most part, but I didn?t get to use it to much.

Felica had two ??? moves, one involving her exchange button and the other I believe was just holding down and all three attack buttons. Which allowed her to build meter ala KoF. The second was just forward and exchange which allowed her to run in the foreground around the opponent or projectile and back on screen. With the right assist this could be really good. I?m hoping they tweak it to allow her to call the assist while she is running off screen. Currently she is mad punishable returning back to the 2d plane.

Captain A had his somersault which was half circle back+ exchange in this build, which mad it awkward to use, but is mad good to cover ground with. That combined with charging stars was great for getting threw zoning.

These moves and supers was honestly one of the more interesting things about the game, but sadly most didn?t even realized they existed or didn?t know how to do it. even the capcom guy asked me? how I didn?t a few things? The reset of the cast didn?t have anything like this from what I can tell, but what I?m hoping is that everyone will have some sort of utility super and or move. Its basically what I was asking for the X factor to be but in lvl 1 super form or close to it. With that said?..

X factor

All four attack buttons will activate X factor.

X factor is what I?d like to call a reverse baroque instead of losing red health you get you red life back also you get a power and I think defense boost. Not only that you can cancel whatever you are in the middle of doing, meaning you can extend combo?s, cancel supers into supers into DHC?s all kinda of things(didn?t try to activate in the air). I prefer to use X Factor early on with my 1st character is they have a lot of red damage. The only thing you have to look out for if you want to actually get life back is to make sure your not being hit or in block stun (if my memory is correct) So either use it on the offense or if your zoning effectively.
Also If one character actives X factor and dies the next character will still be under that effect.

**?Alpha counters? **
These where in this build as well. I believe it was QCB and assist but I could be wrong, I only remember attempting to do it like twice and it worked once with Morrgian coming in with shadow blade.

Hit proration aka hit stun reducer
Has to go, I really think the game would feel much more like marvel or a Vs game if not for this. Its something that you can tell is there just to put limitation on the player. I?d prefer the old mvc2 50 hit then bounce up method or heck even heavier damage scaling on combo?s that go pass 50 hits that aren?t supers or don?t involve supers or dhc?s?Anything but this abomination of a ideal. It just doesn?t work or feel or seem right in a VS game.

Snap Backs/Assist
Not as useful as they once were (well not yet) basically QCF and assist 1 or 2 would snap in the opponents assist character. Double snap backs are a thing of the past it seems. Its really hard to punish assist with normals unless you catch them early and with a meaty?And even then sometimes you just don?t hit them. Its much like TVC in the area?I really hope this changes, right now the matches drag on a bit and one factor is because it mad hard to hit let alone kill a assist character. The closest thing I had to kill ing a assist was with killing a main character with wolves and then hitting a assist as the died with wolverines down strong… and repeat, sadly hit proration didn?t allow me to finish off the assist at about 60% life and around the 12th hit so the assist bounced out. :mad:

**Calling assist **
For those of you that watched vids and are kinda hoping assist are like they are in marvel?. Good and bad news, they are much better than what you get in tvc?however its not on mvc2 level just yet. I can?t put my finger on it yet, but there is a delay in calling assist and them getting on stage. Granted you can call assist while hold back now, its still not on the mvc2 level that most people want.

Double/triple supers
Its more like tvc now which is a great thing, because that means these can be useful with the right team?basically if you point characters finishes there super before the assist character you can move the point character around while the others finishes up there supers. :rofl: I really hope this stays in the final build.

Over all

Its getting there, I hope this build is similar to what we get in the finish product with some tweaks here and there. The biggest issue being mobility for characters or a way to close the gap or nullify zoning to a certain extend while not eliminating or reducing that play style to a joke. Honestly I think more characters and the variety of assist will help that out in a long run alone. But moves like caps somersault and Felicas new ?out of the screen? move and ?chase the ball move? (which is a DP motion on the ground and some strange motion in the air?only pulled it off once and could not mimic again) are great moves to help close the distance.

One thing people need tp realize however is that this is a team base game, for example while hulk or cap might not be as strong on point there assist?supers might be, so you might have a really hard time trying to get in on Dead pool with wolverine, cap and Chris, but swapping one character out for a stronger assist makes all the difference in the world. Hulks assist lets you get a lot of ground as does others.

Can’t wait to get my hands on more of this game.

Good write-up!

…and that’s why people want uad in so badly.

Great read, thanks!

Good shit. I’m actually getting excited now. If they just take out hit proration and that stupid air exchange bs we could have a really good game on our hands.

Deadpool/Chris/Dante AAA = new team scrub?

I know you said you just wrote it up real quick but i have a hard time understanding a good bit of what you wrote.

Any one else please clarify a couple things?
Fierce(or Heavy attack) is now the universal launcher instead of exchange now? It seems like earlier they were really pushing for exchange to be the universal launcher.

Is the whole combo chaining revamped from the E3 build? You said it chains like it does TvC and then at the same time contradicted yourself.

You said to use X-factor to regain red health only when hit or in blockstun, but make sure to use if on the offense? What?

Most super commands are down, down, down? Did i read that right?

I think he meant that most normals you’d traditionally assign to fierce are now assigned to Exchange.

Also, the down, down only applied to some moves that used meter (like Morrigan’s Dark Force and Wolverine’s speed up).

Good write up, thanks a lot. Hopefully I get to play a build down here in Miami since they never brought a SSF4 build here

Thank you, DarkPhoenix!

I think he was just saying it for piece of mind. He was saying how it was confusing that Exchange acted like a heavy in the old games (causing knockdown/flying screen), so he preffered to think of the control scheme “as if” Exchange was a heavy, that way it made more sense to him. He didn’t actually mean that Capcom had changed the controls or that they’d renamed it to something different.

And how different is that from what I said. What used to by assigned to 3+HP/HK or in air combo HP/HK is not mapped to Exchange.

d3v and demon are correct about the buttons, i might try to neaten this up a bit today but meh. In a nutshell the exchange attack looks like most characters Fierce from previous games in the air. but its located where a short would normally be so its kinda strange to get use to.

Also funky the down down down supers where only for like 2 characters for the other 1 (chris) just went into prone position. I’m pretty sure Felica’s cat assist super would have been down down down as well if not for her having down and 3 buttons for the king of fighter meter building move.

And x factor only lets you regain red health when you not being hit or in block stun.

Oh, I wasn’t correcting your post, was just using it as a starting point to my own. Probably shouldn’t have quoted you, I can see how that was confusing lol…


On a related note, I personally don’t like the current layout. Would rather they have:

Jab Fierce Assist 1
Strong Exchange Assist 2

Although it’s a minor issue really. Hopefully though, the game allows us to save layouts better yet, quick select layout presets on the select screen BlazBlue style.

Yes, it was. I kinda figured that it was probably that after posting.

I really wouldn’t worry about layout unless they plan on bringing out an arcade version, as you’ll be able to create your own set-up anyway. It’ll be kind of anoying but possible to say the least…

True, but being able to pick and/or configure layouts before a match would be nice so that it’s easier to accommodate people when you have alot of them over for casuals, being able to save and select saved layouts would be an extra layer of awesome.

This is a great write-up thanks!

I also wasn’t aware assists can be called while blocking. That’s a GREAT change from the E3 build and definitely has a MvC2 feel to it. One thing I noticed when watching the MVC3 Exhibition/Casual matches was people weren’t assist spamming (while attacking nor defending) during fights. They usually were just fighting head to head like MvC1. Is it because the ways assists are called now, or because people just aren’t too experienced w/ the game?


It’s probably due to the nerfing of assists.

THank you, that cleared everything up

another players perspective: