Evo Noob Questions


Do bringing in snacks such as chips and stuff count?

Cause if so, I’m a goddamn EVO criminal.


actually let me clarify one thing. Double elimination means that you are not out of the tournament until you lose two two different people (or the same person again in rare circumstances). So basically you and your opponent pick characters, start fighting. he beats you 2 rounds to 1, then you immediately play again. you pick a different character and he again beats you, this time 2 rounds to 0. At this point he advances in the winners bracket, while you get dropped to the losers bracket (still in the tournament). Eventually you play someone else best 2 out of 3, and if you lose only then are you eliminated from the tournament


ah thanks a lot for the clarification. So against each person I play them best outta 3.


Really? Didn’t know that. Shit I ate In n Out during finals once, didn’t know it wasn’t allowed.


Yeah I had Sbarros during 2k6 finals. I could have been kicked out of Evo! :lol:

I’ll remember that for this year.


Just another quick question. When is the right time to switch the controls? Before characters are chosen or pausing when the match starts?


Depends on when you can access the game’s options. If you need to go into a match to do it, you’ll want to communicate this with your opponent beforehand then after you set your controls go back to the char select, THEN the actual match will begin.


Will people laugh if someone button maps? Like PPP or KKK? I know it’s technically allowed but still. Will someone LAUGH or snicker?

Or, has anyone laughed or snickered in the past?


Well the defaults for SF IV has a button set for that I wouldn’t think so. Thats the game I wanna map cause I wanna make the L1 and R1 heavy Punch/Kick and the L2 and R2 PPP/KKK.


So, you don’t need to pay the $30 bucks to go to Evo?

I can just drop by with my controller and play a game that isn’t involving the tourney?

EDIT: By the way, will people talk smack if I bring in the Tekken 5 Hori stick? I don’t want some dude saying LOL STOCK PARTS NOOB or something when playing.


I’m planning on doing the same this year. First time to evo. 808 get together? haha


YES, MAN! Come for free and play hella games and get to be around the company of a ton of gamers, AND get to watch experienced players lay smackdowns!!!

Dawg, I have a DBZ stick for PS2, which may I add works superbly. I could care less if sum1 laughed at me.


People don’t say shit about your sticks unless it’s really awkward (I saw a dude with a custom controller that was a keyboard. Real talk) or it’s just a compliment. See: Stick art.
I have a stock part HRAP2 and no said shit.

Evo isn’t like that.

As for the registration. It’s 30 bucks to participate in all the events/side events. But BYOC and watching(including finals iirc) is totally free.


i would laugh at someone with a non-modded tekken5 stick since it is the worst stock stick on the market


What about someone with a non-modded x-arcade?


Ah cool, thanks for the info guys.

As for the Tekken 5 Hori Stick being the worse stick on the market, that is a lie. There are worse things you buy. Even so, I got a good deal on it…

EDIT: By the way, anybody know the hours of the BYOC room and (very noobish question) is the BYOC room also at the Rio?


BYOC set up runs while evo runs. Before and after that they have to be in the hotel rooms of players.


So how will we know where the BYOC room will be? I am not competing in any touneys but I do want to get a few rounds with people.


BYOC is in the same facilities as the tournies. They were side by side last year. Likely the same will happen this year.

Also keep in mind anytime the Evo staff need’s tvs they borrow from the BYOC area. It happened for the really big games last year like 3S and Marvel.

And it’s rare, but some people bring cabs and supergun set ups.
There was a neogeo/mame cab last year on the evo floor and I think someone had a pretty beefy super gun set up.
The super gun set up might have been at 07 though.


Ah cool cool, thanks for the info :smiley: