Evo Noob Questions


I have a simple question? What happened to the evo west and evo east tournies. I can just sign up and compete in las vegas tourney? Last year it was overcrowded and they had it were you have to go to east coast or west coast to win there to move on to evo in vegas.


They had Toyota Yaris backing them when they did Evo West/East.

Evo didn’t have a sponsor last year. and IIRC they don’t have one this year. July is a long ways away though so things might change.


there is kinda a live video for evo 2009?


I have another question regarding the tournament rules for pads/controllers. My cousins want to tag along to Evo with me, but they asked me if they can use the PS1 or PS2 control setups. I checked the rules and sort of confused because the only set of rules I can find on controllers is http://www.evo2k.com/playerGuide/gamerules.php So first question- Are PS2/PS1 converters provided for 2k9 since 2k8 they were provided? Second- Is a PS2 to PS3 converter allowed ( I read a previous post about you have to have USB connection on SF IV)? Third question- can I use a programmable controller and program my keys to the exact PS2 setup of MVC2? I can’t configure my R1 and R2 buttons and there the same as L1 and L2. I just want to be able to use Lp+Hp as R1 and Lk+Hk as R2.


Converters are fine.
Wireless controllers are not allowed.


Hey orinn, I can easily answer your question. Evo 2k9 starts at july 17 so there couldn’t be any live video of Evo 2k9.


Hey does anyone know which day the SF IV tournaments will start yet? (Fri or Sat) I might not be able to make it to EVO until Friday night. =/


Mr.Wizard said Friday at 9 A.M. is when SF IV will start for sure.


Dam, they must be expecting even more then I expected for SF4.

Anybody know when 3s tournaments are starting? I plan on being there from the very beginning of EVO, unless times are posted on evo2k.com BEFORE the day of EVO (which I’m guessing they will be) then I’ll probably just come in one or 2 hours before 3s for some BYOC action.


Incorrect, we have sponsors every year.


I have been thwarted. :frowning:

Who was the sponsor last year?


Capcom was a huge sponsor last year and this year.


Ooooh. Gotcha.


this is my first evo.

hella hyped.

are there any booths to buy merchandise at evo?

just curious.


NOt really booths at Evo, but I’m sure you’ll be able to buy some Evo shirts and past DVD’s.

Wiz has said that no sales should happen in the venue. You’re in there to play! Course, whatever you do off the premesise is fine.


They will likely sell all the over-stock 08 DVD’s and Hoodies.
They always give out the Evo shirts.


Can I meet Mr. Wizard and get him in a match?

Please? :cool:


Am I required to check in my joystick on the plane or can I just carry it on? I am afraid they will delay me thinking it’s a bomb.


From my experience it all depends on the security you fall on. 2 years ago I carried it on, last year I had to put it in my luggage. Same airport. It really depends on how bad of a day, the guy taking care of you is having.


I’m carrying my arcade stick as a carry-on…fuck that.
Just get a modest size gym bag, and you’ll be straight.