Evo Noob Questions


I have a custom built one so it’s going to look even more like a bomb. I hope they can understand. Some people don’t even know what a joystick is.


Carry it on…let them scan it.
I had to put my SFAC stick in a separate tray at the airport. The security guard said “cool toy”.


am i doin it rite?



my stick is a mas pro stick and its pretty fricken big idk if they would let me take it as a carry on? whats the size bag limit for carry ons?


From my experience you can carry it on, but you have to put it in a tray for it to be scanned, just like a laptop or other piece of tech.

I forgot that for my stick coming back from evo last year and they detained me as they had to check my bag. The guy opens it up, sees what it is and just sighs. He goes “oh its another one of these, I’ve checked like 50 of these today. Go on I don’t need to look at anything else”


What is ‘Gamer Handle’ for on the Evo registration page? Is it for anyone contributing to the BYOC room?


Just any alias that you might go by for others to recognize you by, my name is Charlie but my “Gamer Handle” would be Grog.


Yeah same thing as gamertag or gamer name.


oh ok. thnx.




what about spectators? how much is it just go inside ?


FREE if ur not competing.


How do I register more games if I decide later on I’d want to play in other games? Is there an extra fee?


Hey everybody.

I might have a shot at going to Evo, but my mom (I’m 16) has had some bad things happen to some of her friends in Vegas (6 raped, and one almost killed). How safe of a place is Evo? It would be awesome if I could get some info from the people that run Evo too, but any info is welcome.



I asked Mr. Wizard about this…and he said that we can’t register like that.
Once you register…it’s final.


lol. dawg, tell her to CHILL on dat shit. I’ve been living in vegas since I was 5 (20 now). The more you go north east, the more ghetto it gets. The Rio (where EVO is going to be held) isn’t near any of the more crime-ridden places of Vegas. It’s basically on one end of the strip where there’s LOTS of ppl walking at all times. Plus, EVO takes place during summer, one of the most popular times for hot ass vegas, meaning even more ppl, not to mention that it’s friday-sunday (even more ppl out). It wouldn’t make sense for something crazy-bad to happen to you on such a busy time of the year for vegas on weekends around a popular area. Just watch out for traffic if you’re crossing any streets because we have drivers known to not be the most forgiving to pedestrians. tell her u researched all that I said online (not that u read what one person posted on sum ridiculously-elitist fighting game board) through legit sites and say it in ur own words. hopefully she’lll reconsider.

good luck in starfox64 announcer voice

one last thing, you should try to see if you can get someone a bit older to come with you just in case anything happens. not that it’s likely that u’ll be in danger, but there’s lots of drunk ppl around here since every single casino provides alcohol. just someone to watch over u, not trying to treat u liek ur young, it’s just good to be anywhere u aren’t familiar with, while ur with sum1 else.


thanks! can’t wait… :smiley:


can i get to the rio from the airport by taxi?


EDIT: read the post below by Geese Pants.


There will be shuttle service to the Rio from the airport…