Evo Noob Questions


Stay away from Taxis in Vegas.

Unless you’re a female who’s willing to show some teet, then you’re gonna be paying $50 to go down the street.


i didn’t know this. good info.


And you live in Vegas…I thought you would know that.

At least that is what I remember the hotel rep telling me.

Oh, and for those who registered online for hotel rooms at the Rio…make the time and call them before arriving for information like shuttle buses, internet, etc. Always good to be a bit more prepared.


if i’m rooming with someone and it’s not under my name, will i still be able to take the rio shuttle? or do i need to have a reservation to be able to use the shuttle?


on this page: http://www.vegas.com/resorts/rio/

one part says this: Shuttle service to and from the airport available for a fee from an outside company.

then it links to this: http://www.vegas.com/transportation/shuttles.html

anyways, the last link shows the airport’s number, so u could call them n ask.

(i don’t know bout any of this stuff cuz I’m not a tourist, I don’t go to casinos anymore, and i very rarely ever go out of state)


No reservations needed for using a shuttle bus…


sweet. thanks dudes.


Supreme, if you don’t have a room yet talk to shin-rotendo. Check with him if everyone in his room is coming.



ok so i skipped reading some of the stuff about what controllers are and aren’t appropriate, so i may be repeating, but I need idiot-proof clarifiation. Could one use an every day average joe Sixaxis, or Dual Shock 3 as long as there is a USB cord attached??


Yeah as long as you use the cord you’re A-ok :tup:


k thanks


this isn’t completely necessary to know, but just out of curiosity, could anyone give out a close percentage of estimation of how many ppl entering for a competition (3rd strike, in my case) would be for each quarter/semi/final?

According to this http://evo2k.com/?page_id=45, I’d guess that it will be something liek this with 3s (a lot due to SF4 releasing this year, blowing up, and being at it’s first EVO):

Qualification Pools - 70-80% consisting of the ppl who enter for 3s but don’t get past 1/4
Semifinal Bracket - 15-25% consisting of the ppl who enter for 3s and get past 1/4
Tournament Finals - 1-5% consisting of the ppl past 1/4 and semi

am I close?


How much does it cost to reg at the Rio? I don’t plan on playing in the event but I wanted to stay at the Rio and spectate / play in the BYOC room. Also for BYOC, do you generally need to bring your own setup to play or is there usually enough setups that you can just jump on anytime?


i’ve already asked this (i think the answer is in this very thread a few pages back. it’s amazing how many ppl are lazy to actually look into threads or use the SEARCH.

u prolly shouldn’t bring a console, but if you want to, then do it. bring a controller/stick forsure though, and any gaems u think might not be there.



confirm the info at the evo2k.com site…

And there are usually enough setups depending on the games…I think there will be more this time around.



no need, my uncle’s gonna meet up with my friend and i at the rio and book for us. good looking out though, val.


What time do the finals usually get over on Sunday night? I would like to know so I can plan my trip home. Are we talking late Sat night or early Sat night?


The entire event ends around Sunday night…gussing SF4 will be the last finals event.


I guess I can ask a question here…

So I completed the registration today (5/31 lol) and payed using my PayPal account. Although I did get a receipt from PayPal, I haven’t received any “confirmation” email from SRK, so the question is… how am I supposed to know if I’m on the list? Maybe it’s something I shouldn’t even worry about, but I just wanted to make sure that I did everything right.

Thanks in advance.


if you PM me your real name i can look it up, but as long as the payment was deducted you are pretty good to go.