Evo North 3s 2v2 results

14 total teams. Good matchs all around. Switched to 2v2 at last moment.

Full Results

1st: Team Slut (Justin W, Flash G)

2nd: Team Fubar Duck (Fubar Duck, Chris)

3rd: Team Old School (Danny, Jason Cole)

4th: Team Mega Powers (Simon Yoo, Jamarvelous)

t-5th: Team Consequences (Adam, Tony)

t-5th: Team Daddy & Son (Jason Wilson, Floe)

t-7th: Team Ronald McDonald (Humbag, Grego)

t-7th: Team Chance (Mario, Datrick)

t-9th: Team Odd Balls (True Karate, Butch)

t-9th: Team We’re from Fucking Iowa (Ollie, Sean)

t-12th: Team Cincy (Keits, Josh)

t-12th: Team Perfect Strangers (Jose, John)

t-12th: Team Awight Den (Steve, Brian)

t-12th: Team Knuckle Children (Dana, David)

good fun :wow:

finals were awesome, should be videos someday

Woot! Tied for last. The stick on the left side of Station 1 was jumping up left like fucking mad, but I wasnt going to beat Wilson’s Necro anyway. So beastly. I’m a lot worse at 3rd Strike than I thought I was.

Woooo, go Team We’re From Fucking Iowa. Haha.

Wish I wasn’t playin’ like shit that night but good shit to everyone.