EVO North "I want to split a room at Red Roof" thread


Okay, so I got tired of seeing so many people ask in the EVO North thread if they could split a room with someone, that I decided to make a thread. No idea why they couldn’t do it themselves, but whatever.

If you are looking to split a room with someone at EVO North, post here.

If you already have a room and are looking to find more roomies to help split the cost, post here.

And now the added bonus:

If you are looking to split a room, but nobody ends up offering to share theirs, YOU CAN SEE WHO ELSE WANTS TO SPLIT A ROOM AND YOU CAN GET THE ROOM TOGETHER! BRILLIANT!

Ok post away, and see you all this weekend.


I would like to split a room.


actually I need to split a room also so yah I can also split a room with ya


i think people should post up their pictures when they want to split a room. I’ll be damned if i’m going to split a room with someone i’ve never met without at least seeing their picture.


www.myspace.com/ek_atl hit me up I’m cool peeps, and I’ll be up there Friday



Anyone already bought a room and is willing to split it?

Either way, PM me.

also if you want me to send a pic of me to you, PM


Posting Pics isn’t a bad idea. But someone should’ve thought of this sooner. I might have somewhere to stay for the weekend but if you see this fella (me), ask him. He might be down. I play 3rd Strike mainly but am fluent in GG and MBAC (sorta).

Pic 1: Guy On the left with the cool shades.
Pic 2: Free Shirt when You on the X.
Pic 3: “LYKE OMG! R U A MODEL!?”
…and for my last trick…
Pic 4: A wonderful drawing of me.
My Myspace is private so I’m direct-linking the pics.


Yah this is a good idea but should’ve been posted it sooner.


me on the right side. I’m pretty contemp with Melty Blood and somewhat knowledgeable about 3rd Strike



Direct Link Pic. Though my hair is a bit longer and has highlights. Still have the same glasses.


this is me. please don’t judge me.http://images2.ggl.com/articles/3164/justin.jpg


haha nice

although i dont need a room my face is in my av


wow, did you shrink, i remember you being a lot taller.


Alright, well I’m looking at last minute flights to make it to this. Its not likely but its worth a shot.

If I can miraculously get a cheap flight, I’m down to split a room with some people.

Would anyone be able to pick up me up from the airport? I’ll pay you for your services.


whoever you are, you wanna share a room? I won’t bite. unless of course…:chat:

but really, only a few days away, I need a room!