EVO north money matches

I got $6,000 on Orka.


Your on…But knowbody can watch but 50.
So he can hear me when I say…“I told u I aint losing to no Oro”.
This is gonna be fun.


Fifty been keeping me informed on the bullshit your talking, you want some? 3/5 $20 you best believe what Fifty says, hes the motherfucking truth!

Yo first to pull 5 hoes for 50 ?

which one of you lil nerds are down with that ?

I aint think so.

Shit, whoever would have the fastest car would win. Ill just run my shit to Menards and buy 5 of them like nothing else.

hahah couldnt resist

When I say hoes I mean ALL women in general.

Like I said ferst to 5 on some bad hoes. who wanna take a nigga up on that bet.

I got a girl…

I got hoes…

No…DAD got hoes.


Final Form Arika isn’t broke. The only SS class character is Natsuki. All forms of Arika are mid-tier at best.

I would put Mai up in the tier-list now actually, and Miyu too. Fuck, I haven’t touched the game in a long time, so I forgot the tier list.

http://www.dustloop.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2191 Mine and Orka’s old Dustloop thread pretty much covers the game LOL!

jajajaj o god… I wanna see that money match! Tape dat shiet!

EDIT: Just go to the last page and start reading from post #93 lol.

Haha, wow, this could be the most hyped up money match at Evo North im thinking. :D:D:D

I hope someone records it, it’ll be golden.

Whoever wins, itll be the greatest money match ever, thats all i know.

Fuck yeah, whoever wins, we all lose! D:

But, yeah gotta record that shit! Sadly I am not going to Evo North myself though, but I’d love to watch the outcome. :s


i can’t believe this is happening

it is certainly going to be recorded… i gaurantee it. :slight_smile:


jajaja, Orka is pussing out!!

Orka - I may not be there on sat (not sure yet) but ill be there friday for sure, so we should do it then.

aw mang. so i guess i’ll have to ‘practice’ game. i don’t even practice guilty gear, so how am i gonna practice this. D: ?

you suck anyway YOSH!

You act like i’m gonna practice for this.

Then again, how do you practice for a game that revolves around mashing buttons…

oh yeah play Marvel. XD