Evo North MvC2 Teams - Friday night, you can switch your order all you want

3man teams, Double elim, $30/team, winner take all if Wong’s not there, 2nd place get entry back if Wong is there.

You can button glitch all you want, you can switch order all you want.

Friday night, signups at 7pm, starts at 8pm. Motrix banned.

Just remember, these side tourneys that everyone is throwing must NOT interfere with the tourneys we are throwing that evening.

they will absolutely not.

Team Justin - Justin Zhou, Justin Garvin, Justin Wong

you mean team justin wong

i mean team Come Back Bill.

friday…ah man, anyway possible ya can do this either saturday or sunday.

maybe. only prob with sat and sunday, is singles marvel is sat, and I don’t want a repeat of evo east with singles not starting til almost midnight. And sunday, I don’t want a repeat of FR where at least one team has a member playing in another tournament, and it takes forever for the tournament to go smoothly.


Yeah, me, merdoc and Liston are flying in saturday morning.

P.S. I got alot of quarters, nickles, and dimes, to give you for entry fee, justin.

i won’t even take em if you got em rolled up, lol.