EVO North SNK 2007- Coming to Northbrook, Illinois!


Yes I gotta get to EVO East before North but its gonna happen unless some unforseen occurence befalls me and I dont wanna jinx myself :sweat:

So lets get on the ball! SNK is coming to Northbrook!!! Get it while its still hot!!! :lovin:


KOFXI ($5)-DG,Random, queen of combat,Humbag, cactusmomma, Josh Ballard,Keits, EmX,gemdoom
**NGBC **($5)-DG,Random,Josh Ballard, gemdoom,Keits,Neo-Alec,Humbag,JeRon,
SST (free)-DG, Random, Humbag, Keits, Half-Life, BigDaddyDamien,EmpororPants,Mr. Swamp,DeWriter,gemdoom
KOFNW(free)-DG,Otome,Humbag, Neo-Alec, Keits, Half-Life, BigDaddyDamien, EmpororPants, Mr. Swamp, DeWriter,
Garou MOTW ($2)-DG, Humbag, Random,Simamatty,queen of combat,Neo-Alec, Keits
Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 (free)-DG,Humbag, Neo-Alec, Keits, Mr. Swamp, DeWriter, EmpororPants, BigDaddyDamien, Half-Life
World Heroes Perfect (free)-DG,Humbag, Josh Ballard, Neo-Alec, Keits,Half-Life, BigDaddyDamien, EmpororPants, Mr. Swamp, DeWriter,
KOF 98 ($3)-DG, Otome,Humbag, JeRon,Neo-Alec,Keits, EmX, cactusmomma.
Breakers Revenge (Free)-DG, Random,Humbag, Josh Ballard, JeRon, Neo-Alec,Keits,Half-Life, BigDaddyDamien, EmpororPants, Mr. Swamp, DeWriter,
Power Instinct Matrimelee II (free)- DG,
, JeRon, Keits,Half-Life, BigDaddyDamien, EmpororPants, Mr. Swamp, DeWriter,
Ninja Masters (free)- DG,Humbag,,Josh Ballard, Neo-Alec, Keits, Half-Life, BigDaddyDamien, EmpororPants, Mr. Swamp, DeWriter,
KOF94 Re-bout (free)- DG, Humbag, JeRon, Keits, Half-Life, BigDaddyDamien, EmpororPants, Mr. Swamp, DeWriter,

Dark Geese’s EVO North Staff (I am going to cap out at 4 Staff members, staff members only have to pay $1 to enter Money tournies)-
1.queen of combat
2. Humbag
3. Josh Ballard
4. Neo-Alec

Question marks mean I think you might be interested in this game but I aint sure quite yet.

Sign up now!


Hrmm if I can somehow make it ill probably be up for MOTW and wait what 99’ ummm id probably be up for that to… Or did you mean 98? id be up for ethier though probably… Though 2 dollars… Thats a little piddly isnt it… =/ Not even 5?


I wanna get people entering and playing Final Showdown thats the main thing…we can always rise the price later you know :tup:

I wanna make sure everyone can enter the tournies!

I just want people to enter and come play.

I can throw in 98 also I dont mind at all the slightest bit!

I plan on doing 3 tournies/day…and getting them all recorded.


Hey, i can run Garou to ease your load.

Ill enter RB2 of course.


Hey, I’ll enter KOFXI, NGBC, Garou:MOTW, SST, and Breakers Revenge. I’m still deciding on KOF99 and KOFNW though.


Gotcha signed up man appreciate it!

Humbag thanks man I’ll take ALL THE HELP I CAN GET!!!


No problem.


Great, I’ll be able to focus on this more when I get back from EVO East of course and turn this into a monster as well!!!

Question…How many TVs will be in the BYOC room and how many will we have access to? (Dont wanna hog stuff from everyone)


You do know that EVO North isn’t in Chicago right? :rofl:

Sorry I had to do it!


Well shit you’re right its in Northbrook glad you reminded me before I got ready to buy those tickets hahha!


I thought you were just kidding about the Chicago thing and actually knew it was in Northbrook… I was wrong:confused:


My mind kept telling me Chicago though I forgot it was in Northbrook.

Its what happens when you got 50 things going on like me…:sweat:


Yeah its at nickel city in Northbrook. It is an arcade so most games are going to be on arcade so dont expect too many provided tvs if any. The ones will be used for gg and such. Ill be bringing a small tv so we will have one at least. I might be able to bring two.


Good we can use take 2 Tvs…we can get away with that at least.


Humbag: Do you know if Nickel City will let us use their MVS? Because I have the KOF98 MVS cart and we could use that if they would let us.


I honestly have no idea. I bet they would put it in but it would be up to Amar (the owner). I would call to find out.


Count me in for Garou~



thanks for leading me to this thread. I just want to play KOF, but not latest ones. I can play 98 through 02 and NW. why doo’t you use 98 for also Evo North as you do on evo east? when does the tournament on North SNK happen? I will need more detailed information.

I like KOF, but I focus on VF5 on the tournament.

would you cound me in for KOFNW and 99?


Gotcha SimaMatty and Otome.

Otome- When does EVO East happen? Next weekend!!! Stamford Connecticut!

As everyone uses these tournies as experiments/warmups for EVO Worlds…I too am using these tournies for experiments/warmups for EVO Worlds on the SNK end.

In Vegas we are running the US SNK National Championships. We can run 98 also once again let me know.

-Dark Geese


>>Dark Geese
can you bring KOF 98 as well? I will not bet any money(maybe buying drinks esch other?), but I want to play KOF 98 much more than 99 or NW. I like 99 and NW though.

if you can, i appreciate it!