EVO North SNK 2007 Results-A helluva lot of vids are up!

KOF 94 Rebout- 12 total
1st- Datrick (AOF Team +Terry)
**2nd-JeRon (Aof Team and Beni/King?)
3rd- Dark Geese (Mai, King, Kim, Kyo, Robert)
4th- Butch (AOF Team +Terry)
5th- Neo Alec-(Terry who else?)
5th- Humbag- (Who did you use?)

Ninja Masters (Round Robin 6 total)
1st- Dark Geese- Natsume/Kasumi
2nd- Neo Alec- Sasuke
Power Instinct Matrimelee II (12 total)

1st- Dark Geese- Angela
2nd- Josh Ballard-Angela
3rd- JeRon…guess who…ANGELA!!! :rofl:
4th- Neo Alec-Reiji
5th-Riot.EXE- Keith

NGBC-12 total
1st-Dark Geese- Tung/Athena
**2nd-JeRon- Big/Mudman/Rock
3rd-Josh Ballard-Hanzo/Big/Kim/Robert
5th-Keits-Marco/Mars Peep

Breakers Revenge-10 total
1st- Josh Ballard- Condor, Saizo, Sho
2nd- JeRon-Rila
3rd- D.A.H- Tia

Sam Sho Tenka-11 total
1st- Dark Geese- Amakusa
2nd- Josh Ballard- Sieger
3rd- Keits-Sogetsu
4th- Random123-Mina

KOF NeoWave US vs. Japan!!! (More details later!)***
1st place(JAP)- Japanese VF5 GOD player Otome Yosuke: Chris, Whip, Iori, Orochi Yashiro,Leona Yuri,Mature, Vice,Athena, Mai.
2nd place (USA)-Dark Geese- Young Geese, Iori, Saisyu, Athena.
3rd place-Datrick- Ryo, Robert,Takuma.
4th place- Keits- Young Geese, Orochi Yashiro, ?
5th place-Neo Alec- Young Geese, ?
5th place- Butch- ?

Okay now for the analysis of things…things went rather well and yes for the other tournies we got like casuals at least for practically every game recorded.

What threw us off on Saturday is that in the middle of the KOF98 tourney we had to stop and let them use our TVS for 5 hours to run CVS2…so that really delayed us and we lost a lot of people due to that…:sad:

So We recorded casuals in the following games…

-KOF 98 me vs. Japanese all star Otome(The Japanese Murder…see how well the Japanese play 98!!!) :rofl: and me vs. Mr. Swamp.
-Samurai Shodown 1 (as promised)
-Kizuna Encounter
-Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
-Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
-Art of Fighting 3
-World Heroes Perfect Josh (Muscle Power) v. Me (Jack) with default controls we couldnt change
-KOFXI…yes because KOF11 only had like 5 people total…so I said lets do casuals…

98 had more entries…both 98 and KOFXI has Justin Wong in them…and ironically I wouldve played the winner in 98 of Justin Wong and Jose and boy was I ever looking forward to that…but it didnt happen due to us having to cough up the TVs…


About NeoWave…Japanese player Otome Yosuke gave me the best competition ever in NeoWave…it was the best NeoWave matches you might see for a while…it was great…we went back and forth…final results for everything including Grand Finals was him besting me 8-5.

I didnt think it would turn into US vs. Japan for NeoWave part I…but it did…with Otome repping Japan and me the US…just wait till you see the vids…it was madness…with him knocking me into Losers 3-2 and then I knocking HIM into Losers 3-2 in Grand Finals and then the final 3 matches when I was out of energy…lol.

Yes for PIM2 you see why Angela is tops…the top three contestants were just that-ALL ANGELA BABY!!! :rock:

NGBC-12 total
1st-Dark Geese- Tung/Athena
2nd-JeRon- Big/Mudman/Rock
3rd-Josh Ballard-Hanzo/Big/Kim/Robert
5th-Keits- Marco/Asura/MarsPeople

KOF NeoWave US vs. Japan!!! (More details later!)
1st place(JAP)- Japanese VF5 GOD player Otome Yosuke: Chris, Whip, Iori, Orochi Yashiro, Yuri,Mature, Vice, Mai.
2nd place (USA)-Dark Geese- Young Geese, Iori, Saisyu, Athena.
3rd place-Datrick- Ryo, Robert,Takuma.
4th place- Keits- Young Geese, Orochi Yashiro, Goro, Billy, Saisyu
5th place-Neo Alec- Young Geese, ?
5th place- Butch- ?

There, fixed some of the missing stuff i remember.

Damn! Wish I would of been there. God damn piece of shit canadian car! I MIGHT of placed in SST with Genjuro. Genjuro FTW!

No hope vs my new leet Sogetsu strats. No hope. Watch as I miss his super OVER and OVER again! Its gleeful!

“How the hell do you play this game on a keyboard??”

So DG, can I get 3 bucks credit in the next tourney since you were asleep when I left? This is Jose btw. :slight_smile:

*fuck! I wanted in Ninja Masters so bad!

I had an excellent time playing and watching all the SNK action this year at Evo

North. I see the light now. SNK games need to be played high level in the US for

real.Thanks to Dark Geese & Neo Alec for bring SNK to Evo North. Also thanks to

Yosuke for bring his A-game. Peace Out

[Mario Gomez]

Jose yeah man because I wanted to play the winner of you and Justin Wong in KOF98 REALLLLLLLLL BAD…serious!!!

No prob though man you will get it…I wouldve refunded you the cash easily.

Man you shouldve found us for Ninja Masters…that shit was good…I dont think Keits agrees though lol.

Major shoutouts to everyone I met…I could be on here all day long but I will save it for Alphaism Radio when I get on it and link everyone to it etc.

I will make sure to let you all in on the interview on Alphaism when it goes live and Neo Alec is hard at work on the vids so you all can see yourself in action etc!!!

-Dark Geese

I don’t want to step on your toes Geese. You are good shit and I like you a lot, but I have a lot of advice for you about your setup. If you want to hear it, you know how to contact me. If you don’t, I respect that and its totally cool.

I really agree with what you are trying to do, but disagree a bit with small parts of the aproch.

Thanks for providing us with a lot to do between official tournies, Geese and Alec. Other than Re-bout, Ninja Warriors, and Matrimele, it was a pleasure. :blush:

koo, thanks man. no biggie, just 3 bucks and i knew you weren’t aware of me heading back to ohio when i did (that’s why i couldnt do NM). if you’re ever at one of our ohio tourneys just spot me some entrance fee. :wink:

what little play i got was good shit. that setup was nice. shame about the tv’s. gotta trim down on the 3on3 games tho. that’s like cvs2 x 3 in time usage. i’d sacrifice neowave and XI, but i’m just a '98 scrub. :slight_smile:

Lookin forward to the next one!

Christ I got to see this guy playing Neowave, he’s playing like my entire team.


fun playing real bout and garou with some peeps

I look at these tournies as experiments for the future and for US SNK Nationals at EVO Worlds…thats what I use these for…to figure out what I wanna do.

Yeah 94 Rebout did take a long time.

And the only reason NeoWave took so long is because of me and Otome Yosuke battling it out for 13 matches in Winners Finals AND GRAND FINALS HAHAHA.

We both disposed of our other opponents pretty quickly lol so time wasnt an issue there.

Also JeRon DQed himself because at the time he was in the Mystery Tournament Grand Finals against dxp…so Keits got away with a bye lol to go straight to Datrick in Losers SemiFinals.

ETA on footage?

I dunno Keits the amount of time to be exact…as Alec said he was working on it YESTERDAY to be exact.

But yeah I will listen to what you gotta say about advice on the setup etc because this thing is still in the planning stages…I am still trying to just perfect it and get my feet wet hence I listen to everyone.

I’ll catch up with you on AIM today…because once again I am trying to hone and perfect this thing by EVO Worlds in Vegas and now I have even more of an idea of what I need to do and now the importance of having OUR OWN TVS is…

And for the little games etc Keits…that is why at these EVO East/North/West tournies I am getting them out…etc.because in Vegas see nothing but the Big name SNK tournies really are gonna take place…because its US SNK Nationals…

Thus I have time to play and toss games out there and see what people like and don’t like etc…

I have time to test the waters which is really all I am doing.

**Like for EVO West SNK 2007 Garou MOTW will be the FIRST GAME.

Plus I’ve recognized that different areas like different things. KOFXI got 37 people in it in Atlanta…but couldnt even get TEN in Illinois…so things are subjective to people.

And Rebout at EVO East though it didnt happen had over 16 people in it…so there was plenty of interest there…

So things all depend on the area.

And I bring everything except the VCRs…so things always can go faster if can get someone to bring more than on VCR because then we will have more than one setup…but we only had one so we had to work with that.

What’s up Geese? You need to put your boy up in those breakers results! Next time I’m coming for that top spot! Like I said I’m going to brush up on my SNK games yo, I’m glad you’re doing this! By the way, I hope PIM2 will be ran at Evo worlds since I had to run when yall were playing it at North, but the game looks dope yo.

The game is dope…see Dah I dont know where to put you though man for the results…3rd I’ll put you at though…

Because for Breakers it sucks that everyone left…

See Keits…though you may not like some games some people do…

-94 RB (OGs love it…JeRon loves it)
-Ninja Masters ( Jose wanted in on it! Neo Alec wanted it!)
-PIM2 (JeRon likes it, Riots loves it, Shiki loves it, Dah wants to play it)

So its almost a win-lose situation for me either way…some are gonna love it…some aint…

Great times, everyone, and mad fun playing you guys!


I also agree with Keits on Ninja Masters - if you have to ban infinites, the game is trash. Especially when there are so many other good candidates out there!

It’s all good tho!

Oh yeah, and Jeron crushes my soul. I’ll get you one of these days…shakes fist

But here is another take on that…do you guys think Sam Sho Tenka is trash???

Well look at it like this…

Gaira and Mizuki have infinites that are banned in tournament play **UNIVERSALLY IN ALL REGIONS…
Does this mean SST is trash??

Something to think about…

It might be. I have never believed in banning infinites in anything, for the same reason we didn’t ban Ken crossups back in CE days! =P

The only instance of the actual best players in the world doing anything like this, that I can recall, was Korea banning Steve infinite in 5.0. Even that didn’t work, though, since he could start it and then go into a 100% combo anyway.

I do not think Japan SNK is on that level. Do you know if Taiwan et al. do the same in Tenka?

Interesting, though. =)

honstly… if we are talking about abning two characters out of fifty, i think the game has some spark in it. when we talk about banning three out of ten, its just a game no one tested. obviously, even kof98 has infinites… but you need to step back and look at thngs situationally like the capcom community does (one thing they def do right).

for instance… you just need to recognize that some games are just bad and not worth playing. CFE is the perfect example of a game being left behind due to its poor overal quality. Yes. there are people who want to compete in CFE… but not enough of them to warrent trying a tourament scene for it.

so on the snk side, im willing to say that SvC and Ninja are just bad games that, even if jose likes them, should not be played competitively. i dont know enough about PI2, but it seems pretty trashy at the moment too. pretty, but trashy.

as josh said, there are better snk games to play. lets play them instead. my problems with rebout are personal, and that game seems okay cmpeitively. but the others… really… we could have been playing garou, rb2, or even twinkle star or windjammers (not fighters but still competitively good).

hope that made sense. typing from my phone, forgive typos. i have more to say as well but ill save it for a real keyboard. remember… not every game can or should get high level play. even some that should need to take a back seat sometimes… like vampire, jojos, last blade, mvc1, etc.