Evo North: Unofficial 3s Team Tournament

EDIT: Moved start time back an hour to 7pm.

Anyway, after looking at the polls I think we can agree that 3 person teams are the way to go and that is what they will be.

Here we go…

When: Friday, June 22nd signups at like 6pm, start time at 7:00pm.

Where: Nickel City duh…

Rules: Standard team tourny rules. Double elimination brackets. 3 on 3.

example -> guy1 plays boy1, guy1 wins, guy1 stays on and plays boy2. This goes on until one team in eliminated.

Price: 5$ a head or 15 a team basically. (You can have at least 2 people, however if both loose there is not third game).

I will have a megaphone, and will run this fair and as smooth as possible. Help would greatly be appreciated as well.

Payout will be as follows from the pot: 70-20-10.


alright 3 man

Get hyped son. Three man team tourneys are where its at.

need more posting input

The turnout will be good, so it should be 3-person teams…
5 bucks a head is about right.

Theres no reason why a team tourney shouldn’t happen…but leave it to people at MWCs to find a way to make it not happen. :bluu:

i wont have a team, so if anyone wants the World’s best Tyrant Slaughter Urien on their side, i’ll be available.

…oh yeah, and my Ken isn’t too shabby either.

Yeah thats what i was thinkin Shaaaady. 3 person is funner as well imo.

I’ll enter along with some other WI fodder

Nice, i think we should get a decent amount for this!

I need a teamate for 3s teams

who is down!!!

ps- must be black lol


Well, shit that takes me out of the equation…

shit lets team up danny. i can get back into shape =)

Judging from the poll so far, I think it will be 3 person teams.

Ill give it a week or so, then ill post up rules etc.


holys shito im druink

If it’s after 6 on Friday, I am sure us Iowa City guys could throw together a team of 3.

I’ll throw down in some 3S. Anybody looking for partners hit me up. Im playing a go all out crazy style Elena though! :slight_smile:

Shit, I’ll team up with ya. I’ll be giving fools the big boot with Alex. Word up

What up Dark Tien!..finally we’ll get to play in person, haha…:tup:

I’ll play, especially if you post the time for the tourney ASAP, so I can figure out if I need to take a sick day at work or not :wink: