Evo on Ign? Capcom supports Evo2k6 finals?

Well it looks Evo is getting some mainstream coverage, and capcom supports Evo2k6 finals?? An extra 1grand for 1st place in 3s?


On that note, I’m heading out. See you all at evo.

first toyota, now Capcom, and coverage in IGN. About time a positive light is shined on the community. It would be cool if Sega was a sponser next year too.

This is our chance to show Capcom that the 2d fighting game scene is alive and well. This might change their minds about making a SF4 in the future.


This news makes me happy.

This is awesome. Hopefully Evo can only go UP from here ;D

this is a huge deal,
big ups to wiz and inkblot/ponder.
i just hope that evo doesn’t forget its roots with all this new glamour and glitz.

I’m sure they won’t, and i’m also sure people will say they have anyway…

That’s great news! Looks like Capcom has finally come around. It can only get better from here.

Just goes to show how strong our community is. The more we go to these kind of events, the more we get sponsored by companies. Keep hope alive, folks!

This made me laugh, considering that 3s just recently found its popularity in the US.

But grats on this, hopefully capcom keeps pumping out tournament worthy games for us.

I doubt this will make them make anymore games, beyond making more remixes and junk like that. Though it’s nice of Capcom to finally acknowledge it’s fans, and throwing a thousand on top of 3S shows at least they realize you exist. heh

Wow. I remember all times I said how great this would be but how it would never happen because capcom forgot about us. This is great.

Honestly I never thought something like this whould ever happen…guess I was wrong.

I’m sure someone from 1-UP (EGM) will be there as well, but not too sure. It’d be nice.

about time fuckin capcom wakes up and take notice…

Finally. that’s all I have to say…

i second that… Thank God… :lovin:

Meh. What’s the big deal about this again?

Personally, I think it’s kinda patronizing at this point. Sure, it’s a first step, but a first step towards what? If we don’t see a new game, what’s the point? If this is the first step towards Capcom maybe taking over the tournament scene (after years of toiling by the player community to bring it to a point at which it is beginning to show signs of potential profitability to organizers), I say fuck 'em.

We don’t really know what it is yet, though, so I’ll reserve judgement. As it is, though, I don’t see the big deal. The Cannons already secured more extra money from other sources. Capcom should at least be calling those bets, IMO.



this makes me feel all warm and gooey inside! :pleased: