Evo on XPlay

I caught the end of Xplay on Thursday and at the end of the show they were previewing Friday’s show and they mentioned Evo. I wasn’t able to catch it on Friday was that the special that was gonna air? Did anyone see it?

20th, 6 pm pst.

Rerun at 8pm EST and 2am EST if you have to work late.

It was boring imo.

They said that they’ll show grand finals in its entirety but then its just clips of whenever someone landed a super, ultra, or cool looking combo.

I don’t see how this would entertain non-sf players or vet-sf players.

I was disappointing =’(

I thought they said Seth would be on hand to talk about the tournament and MvC3? Did none of that happen?

They did talk about MVC3 and the tournament. I did not think it was boring, but it’s already talking about things most people on this website may already know so it might be boring for you all.

It wasn’t bad, I think they could have just shown the last match in its entirety at least, but for the most part the show did what it needed to do which was introduce the masses to the competitive scene that exists.

it was ok, good introduction. the finals they showed cut back and forth so it was reasonable but not to my expectations. if u were sitting dead center you could say “hey i was on tv” LOL

I missed it, but I guess I’ll just have to catch the re-run.

It was good overall, but they cut the finals poorly. I know it was done for brevity of the show, but it was a bit’ve injustice to the match.

what they’d do was edit the commentary of seth/adam, and switch between clips of the match, the commenators, the players, the crowd.

it all detracted from the match. I thought they’d treat it like a boxing match of some sort, with regards to camera work. :frowning:

waiting for a youtu link

and they made it like a half hour show… the rest is just the usual Previews and Cheats

kinda cool they added the “Raise the Roof” clip

so they ruined the finals with Adam Sessler just to make a 30 minutes half-arsed show?

The show wasn’t terrible, but the finals recap was bad enough I had to stop watching. The part I had to walk away from was when they showed the start of Daigo’s FADC U1, then cut away to cut back on a regular Fireball making the KO.

I remember why I stopped watching G4 on the most part that half-hour.

im a bit on the middle on this. the first half was pretty good, giving a great introduction to the scene and what not. but the translations were off from Daigo and g4’s “im a geek and so rad attitude,” keep slapping me on the face. and as everyone has mentioned, the last half was absolutely horrible.

i think they could’ve made it better by having some of the ol’ g’s like choi commenting on and what the experience was like then and now. also, more on the qualifying or how to get involved.


xplay just put it up on their youtube account.

This video is 6 mins only, I thought the show is 30 mins long?
Anyway, thanks for the link.

there’s this too [media=youtube]7FjHRTD1WXo[/media]

Is this up anywhere?

Best part was the slow motion replay of Daigo’s and Ricky’s reactions at the end of the match. You know how Ricky dived over EX fireball and Daigo gets out the uppercut just barely in time? You can see Daigo mashing the motion plus LP and MP alternatingly.

Also, Daigo’s stone-faced expression the entire match in contrast to Ricky’s O-face at the end, priceless.