Evo Online

Anyone playing in the Evo Online tournament today? I’m at the bottom of bracket 1

I’m assuming that the “T.B.D.” is just a place holder for a bye.
If so it looks like you have an easy bracket. I’ve played the majority of the people in that bracket including Air and besides Air they are all free.
Good Luck!
Supposedly Riceata is no push over either.

Im in bracket 2!
Mike Ross (vermilli0n) is in this bracket but seems to have been DQ’d for not showing up?

I will be using this post as a log for my EVO online journey.
The games don’t start until noon. Some brackets start 5, 10, 15 minutes later. I’m just practicing up for now.
I believe the tournament is Single Elim…since there is no information regarding whether it is or is not, I will just assume that it is since there are probably a lot of signed up players.

First round: Bye
Second Round: Ghrrk vs Kliquey (xbl:StryderLis) 3-2 Ghrrk (Dudley vs Cammy) - came down to the last round of the last match, I ended up barely winning with <5% health
Third Round: Ghrrk vs Shelton Bros (sbl:Shelton Bros) 3-1 Shelton Bros (Dudley/Sagat vs Vega) - lost two games straight with dudley, switched to sagat, won one game, next game got up one round then lost the next two.
And now I’m done with evo online! lol

How are you going to lose to riceata?

I cannot compete with the lameness of blanka

I would get sooooo salty losing to Riceata. Fuckin hate turtles. lol Ronnicle is right though… the rest of that bracket is hella free.

Evo online is hella gross, and tight at the same time.

Waste of $5 because it’s online. No thanks

That’s what I’m saying. Maybe if top 8 got golden TEs I would’ve considered… :rolleyes: