Evo Panthera PS4 arcade stick issues

So I went out and bought an EVO Panthera joystick for a great price on sale. I noticed when I hooked it up and I’m trying to play Street fighter 5 the square button input only works once out of 20 or 30 presses and that’s if you’re hitting the button repeatedly very quick over and over again sometimes it works at 30 presses sometimes 10 sometimes 50 sometimes it doesn’t work for a few minutes, it’s sporadic. I’ve opened it up and checked the cables for pinches broken connections even swapped out the buttons with new buttons that I purchased from focus arcade and it’s still doing the same thing, I’m leaning towards a PCB issue, does anyone have a schematic or have any experience on this issue? I’m a service tech by trade with 22 years experience and hand solder SMD with a microscope for a living so I can go down to component level very easily, and a schematic would help me wonders, I appreciate the help. Also I don’t think it’s the USB cable or port on my PS4, I will put my meter on the cable and test it in the meantime and try hooking up the joystick to another PS4 to see if it does the same thing to rule out the Jack in the cable but I’m almost certain it’s a PCB issue either a component on it’s going out possibly a wrong value or the prom itself on the board is out of tolerance, again any help is very appreciated thank you everyone for your time.