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Has anyone started uploading their photographs of this year’s tourney? So far, I know of…

Evo 2k10 - a set on Flickr


slash5150’s Photos : Gaming and eSports : Evolution 2K10


I can’t wait for all the great pictures of the food they served at evo


LOL was about to post the link to pics I took but I see you’ve already put them up there. Sorry that some of them are blurry guys, wish I could afford a better lens!

Looking forward to see the pics the crew (Kara et al) were taking on stage


where is the robe guy


Where can we find those?


To my knowledge they’re still going through them. I looked at Kara’s Twitter & she apparently has about 1500 shots she’s going through before putting them up. Maybe they’ll go up on Evo site? If she posts a link after uploading I’ll repost it here.


Ok great, thanks.


Evolution 2010: Day 1 - karaface’s Photos


OMFG karafaces photos are all so grainy. Need to lvl up her ISO knowledge IMO.


The PS3 version of the Chun stick looks a lot better. Unfortunately the 360 versions are easier to put an MC Cthulhu into and have a great multi stick. Decisions decisions…


Flickr: ewicexclamationpoint’s Photostream

I feel bad for calling Karaface’s pics grainy now. ISO 1600 still made a bit of noise in all my pics.

Hopefully some photoshop-ninja skills will help with that. These are all completely unedited raws.

EDIT. Oh, they’re also really unorganized because of my terrible CF card skills. After I finish editing the choicest pics from the event, they’ll be chronologically organized as well.


i posted my photos on Bifuteki.com | Facebook & Dominion Method Gaming | Facebook


… isn’t a higher ISO going to cause more noise? That’s the problem with such a high ISO, it lets in the light to make up for the shutter speed, but increases the noise. Anyway, I’m sure it was a task for everyone with an SLR at Evo because the lighting was so low & yellow


Truth. I was saying that I maybe should have dipped down to 800 or below, but then I’d have extremely dark pictures. Still I’m pretty glad with my photoset. It wasn’t bad for my first time at event photography. Looking to lvl up in that too!


Thanks for everyone sharing the photos.

The first comment from this pic is really funny lmao

Bifuteki.com | Facebook

and wtf is this guy doing with a pillow lol


My good friend Minh put his set up and he got some really amazing shots. Look out for the one of Daigo blingin’ it on the main stage.

Evolution 2010 - a set on Flickr


Kara caught some really memorable laughs among players. I think her pics are great, especially since I’m in 2 of them. Dead center, Black hat, black shirt, glasses, and looking to the right :wgrin:



she’s using a pretty ancient camera according to the exif info, Fujifilm FinePix S2 Pro Review: 1. Introduction: Digital Photography Review
she needs to pickup a d700


I just got done finishing uploading all of my photos from EVO,

slash5150’s Photos : Gaming and eSports : Evolution 2K10


I am using a pretty ancient camera, its 8 years old now. I was shooting 800 ISO and yes, its grainy by today’s standards and if I run it through noise reduction software I’ll drastically lose whatever sharpness I have shooting at 1/45-1/6 with VC. There’s no way to “up ISO knowledge” whatever the hell that means. I’ll be looking to getting a new camera after Photokina since I finally found a steady, regular paying job. Actually I’m waiting for the rumored D90 replacement (16MP, 1080p video, Hi2 ISO setting, 39 AF points (13-cross)).