EVO picking up Brawl and Melee for 09

I was wondering if EVO would be able to pick up Melee and brawl next year in there line up? I think it would be a good move on EVO’s part if they picked up both because they would get more respect from the community because they decided to reconize both games take skill and shouldn’t be unrated.

There are a lot of new fighting games coming out next year, I highly doubt that Melee will be added. Brawl might, but I dunno… with the way the community is huffing and puffing who knows. At least things have been more civil lately, and we seem to have come to some kind of agreement in the counterpick thread.

Its been like a whole day without drama. A new record perhaps?

And, even though I’m huge into Smash, I don’t think EVO should (or would) pick up both Smash games in a single year, especially with all the new stuff happening (didn’t arcana heart get released in America recently?).

The only fighting game I play is Smash and even I don’t think they should. There are plenty of other games that deserve a spot over Melee considering Brawl is already in the lineup. Guilty Gear has no representation this year. Virtua Fighter has no representation this year. Both those franchises deserve a look before Melee.

isn’t swf boycotting EVO? I doubt Brawl will even be there next year.

Make way for a real fighter…

ARCANA HEARTS 2!:angel:**

Well… it’d be kind of cool if SWF boycotted because then I would win by default. I’ll see you punks there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And BlazBlue. Dear God BlazBlue.

Oh and SC4 if that shit doesn’t suck. There’s too many games coming out. If evo goes bad this year for smash which it’s looking like it might, I dunno if we’ll see it again. There’s a lot of other stuff deserving of a spot.

i thought brawl was already in the line up

Coming from the SC community I, along with every SC fan hopes the same. and if it is good(it isn’t gonna be great, I honestly do not see that), I’ll be a rarity here on SRK’s Smash Section.

Pure Soul Loop > Final Atomic Bowsercides, sorry.:lol:


seriously, how many people on these forums live under rocks? Brawl was added over a month ago.

Oh no you didn’t!!!

BTW, make way for 2009.
That shit will be the year of fighting games!!

Oh, and large chance there won’t be Melee unless its hosted on as a side tournament.

my oh my mr. wobbles…you planning smashing everyone with hammers eh? In the words of a few people in a certain anime…‘WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE!?’

I heard (read?) a Gurren-Lagann reference. My C.Falc will pierce the heavens, as soon as I get a free wireless connection.

you can always just host a side tourney.

who knows. maybe the wiz will even put it on the big screen.

Or how about we just do Melee instead? Probably too much to ask since Evo seems to pick up the newer games. I would think Evo would only have room for one Smash game. No matter how much Melee at the moment seems to be a better game than Brawl, I don’t think they would replace Brawl nor do I think they would put that up instead of some other fighters that deserve a spot.

I had totally thought this was talking about EVO 2009 ^_^’’

EDIT: Ooo, my rep has gone down by 50,000 points from saying that Smash is a fighting game in a thread in the FGD. Thats hilarious :rofl:

That’s nothing against Smash. I got negged for saying I liked King of Fighters Neowave in FGD. And for saying that DOA4 isn’t a bad game. Pretty much if you walk in and say anything except “ST/MVC2 is/are (a) good game(s)” …odds are you’re going to get negged.

To be honest I think if evo picked up melee and brawl for next year it would have a great out come and would defenitly be worth the time. If EVO has melee alone just for next year it will probably get a good outcome because it would probably be the biggest tourney for melee since brawl came out.

No…no…Assuming a seventh game is added (and the six on the list remain the same), then the best games to add, in order, would be SF4, Guilty Gear AC (assuming a new one hasn’t come out), then VF5, then KOFXII (assuming it comes out in America by then and doesn’t suck), then KOFXI, then Garou: MOTW, then TTT, then DOA4, then KOF2k2/98/Neowave, then SF Alpha 3, then SF Alpha 2, then Sengoku Basara X/Melty Blood: Whatever/Blazblue/Arcana Hearts/whatever other anime fighter, then doubling up on T5 and T6, then Soul Calibur 4, then Bleach: Blade of Fate for the DS and THEN Melee.

So yeah. Melee and Brawl at Evo? Fuck that.