EVO Pics

Mostly MLG homos. Some SF’ers in there.


~Born to Play~

I almost forgot that MLG was the host for the event. No wonder the attendence record broke. Nic pics.

Fuckin’ seeded by 4 year old brown kid.

is it just me or do most of those players look ummm…smelly?

I just saw some guy from my school in one of those pics. Wasn’t expecting that o_O

That’s him in the blue shirt. The girl that’s playing looks like she’s 12… :wow:

go to mlgpro.com for thumbnails


Damn, that guy’s morbid skinny

These xbox bitchs are teh hot…especially the blonde…they lucky I am not there otherwise I would be fucking them right thur in public :hitit:

Good thread !

http://www.mlgpro.com/albums/vegas2005/22_G_001.jpg :confused:

Fuck those MLG faggots. They make us look bad :frowning:


Dude looks like hes about 2 raise some hell literally.

http://www.mlgpro.com/albums/vegas2005/56_G.jpg WTFFF hahaha

Reminds me of the guy who owns fightersgeneration.com.

The stink was strong over there, I guess…

that’s disgusting.

just because a girl plays
games doesnt mean she’s hot.

Snaakes right, the blonde isn’t bad looking I’d hit it too. If you’ll go as far as to call it disgusting you must like the Ballz.

I wish the site wasn’t down.

You took the words right out of my mouth.

yea same here

lol Actually man that is the guy who owns fightersgeneration the one and only frank yagami, it’s funny he’s not registerd to SRK but still is a known man in the fighting scene.

Is that the Frag Dolls? I’d like to play with them sometime, but I don’t play the games they compete in.