EVO Player's Choice - CONGRATS SSBM! (Mike Z's closing remarks on OP)



Mike Z’s closing remarks.


Final Results below



WOW:wow: We raised almost a quarter million dollars. Good Job FGC!!
I wonder if Kotaku will be writing about this…

New rules regarding MLP: Fighting is Magic.

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The ST Lounge 2.360
SRK Lounge Ultimate Space Jam

If Smash somehow wins player’s choice…I hope Evo bans NOTHING!!!
Items fucking on.


Melee was top of the poll and wouldn’t surprise me if Nintendo fanboys have the deepest pockets. I’m hoping for Skullgirls to make it through


My money is on melee. There is a huge army of smash players (most of them don’t even play) that want this to happen. It dominated the poll as well.


I think that if Smash gets in we should respect their ruleset.
The thread about donating for melee at Smashboards became 10 pages in just a couple of hours.
There’s some people who don’t seem to trust the EVO staff at all, however, it’s always nice to see a community come together for a common goal, so I’ll respect them more if they actually pull this off.


I think it will all come down to the most dedicated and numerous fan/player base.



With that in mind, I think Melee is a good fighting game.


Whichever company wants their game in the most.


I’m rooting for Guilty Gear. :smiley:


No one thinks MLP has a chance? You guys seem to be underestimating the power of 4chan and the Bronies.




The one that has more casual fans…
So, Smash


I want this game to win.


[details=Spoiler]that reads as:

D44 Bas
The CvS2 God!
Thank you![/details][/details]


I do and I’m scared. Both already know of it. Also, Bronies apparently are avid donators. Ponder tweeted that MLP is leading.


The mods at Smashboards closed the thread about donations for Brawl.
Not sure what to think of it.


This is also ludicrous if you can’t see how much has actually been donated.

One faction can believe they have a chance if wizard says they are in second when the highest one is like 30000 ahead or something. Its fishy.


when do they decide who’s the winner?
nevermind, I found it
end of January in case anyone was curious


Is there a donation cap? If not then I can see some will scummy shit going down in the same way like the Indie humble bundles. Someone in Smashboards brought up a good point about this donation drive being a great tax write off for companies. I can see WB or Sony donating to get their games in if that’s the case


They could also say Guilty Gear or whatever won even though it only got $10 and MLP was leading by $100K. So there’s that.


but then again, some people could get discouraged to donate for their games if they consider they dont have a chance at winning.


that MLP game is not even at a playable build (according to Smashboards) how the hell could it feasibly have a tourney for it.