EVO Points


Is there a place that we can find a list of all the people who have earned EVO points for each game from all the Road to EVO events?




Yo blackula i believe i met you at Civil War Good shit on second place in MK! But yes what he said i would like to check


There is no updated list. It will be posted when the final road to Evo event happens.


Which is MWC i believe


Thanks Mr. Wiz!!!

I did have a question though. I remember when you originally talked about this in January, you said that top 12 gets EVO points. I was wondering if it was dependent on the total turnout of the tournament or did all top 12 get points regardless of turnout? I’ve just noticed that for a lot of results, I’ve only been seeing top 8 listed instead of top 12.


I am also curious about this. I placed 9th in SCV at NCR, but I haven’t seen any listings for placement past top 8. Am I gonna get screwed out of my EVO point?


What happens if the T.O. to the Road to Evo tournament records our name incorrectly? Let’s say that I put myself as SmokeMaxX and the T.O. puts Smoke MaxX or Smokemax. I assume the process is automated so will I still get the seeding even though my name was entered incorrectly?


inkblot posted a list of Evo point holdes last week: http://evo.shoryuken.com/2012/06/14/current-road-to-evo-standings-east-coast-dominates-top-seeds-for-now/


All the road to EVO tourneys are over now, I guess they’ll show us the brackets this week right?


I thought I heard that pools would be announced either the Sunday or Monday before EVO, so that’s what I’m going with. Can anyone confirm / deny this?