EVO Pools are up!

Check it now! :


I’m in Pool C for Super Turbo, which also has Jason Cole.

Unfortunately I wont be able to play either 3s or ST since I’m going to Dallas on Friday.

Good luck to everyone in their pool assignments!

I took a brief look a few hours ago. No Ratt, Row, Jmar, Preppy, or anyone I recognize from the Seattle Marvel crew. Sad. Paul Lee registered twice, and might face himself in Pool G of 3s. Brent entered smash but not ST?

Oddly, there’s a Tim “Wentinel” Wen. lol at leanbear. NKI plays mvc2? SamB will have to hold it down for all of the NW in mvc2. Good luck to all from the NW.

Good luck all!

My brother is getting married Friday night on Whidbey Island, so it’d be a pain in the ass to get back in time for a flight. I’m not 1000% not going, but it’s extremely unlikely.

NKI not only plays MvC2, he’s good at MvC2.

didn’t he have epic combo videos back in the day??

Still does. I’m hosting a bunch of them. :tup:

A coworker of mine got married in Whidbey Island, seems like the hot spot for matrimony.

I hope they do this every year. I’m so sad I won’t be going this year. It’s interesting to see who’s in each pool. Seems like there’s someone notable in every pool…

Julian Blake Pool A
Justin Wong
Seth Killian
Ohnuki <-wowzors

Alex Kelly Pool H
Shadow Blanka
Kusumondo <-wow

Nate Montes Pool G

Julien Beasley Pool B
James Chen
Miu <-I’m thinking this is Japanese XX player Miu

Pablo Basilio Pool C
Jason Cole
Jason Nelson
Kusumondo <–this is kinda weird cause Kusumondo is on the list twice, so I can’t tell if he’s in Axel’s pool or in Pablo’s. Either way though, Pablo’s bracket is STACKED!

Crazy, looking through this, I saw that John Choi, Graham Wolfe, and Tokido are all in the same ST pool. Someone needs to record matches. ST seems like it’s gonna be hella epic, I’m gettin more and more mad that I’m not going >=[.

ST Pool C looks hot.

Oh man CVS 2 pool B is gonna be crazy

We’ve got a few no namers like me, but we also have

FLOE - A-groove team scrub I believe… Floe is pretty solid so his should be a hard fight

Gene “hail and kill” Wong - Buktooth says he’s the strongest A-bison in the US plays team BAS not a terrible match up for my team but he’s good and Im too agressive need to wait it out.

EDMA - The original Shoto… I think in this game he plays C-ken, Yun, Sagat. He’s solid and I have limited yun experience, but I think if I’m patient I can squeeze out a win.

JJJ - Of course I would get to fight JJJ again. Not going to comment cause he might read this and I don’t want to give away my secrets! haha.

Kindevu - Thats right I get the golden fatty. The one who always makes it into the finals. Plays A-scrub. Justin hella out turtled him last time… maybe I cna do the same.

If anyone could tell me what characters those in my pool use I would appreciate it. I know a few of those, but not all. Hopefully my first match is against Ray, since he says he will not be there for ST.

Good luck Ross. Out of the NW you (and JJJ) got the hardest CvS2 bracket. My CvS2 bracket actually looks pretty tame, but I’m sure there are some KS2 players hidden in there that’ll rape me for free. My 3S bracket has Justin Wong and Smoothcat but I’m not too worried about them.

Look at it this way, only 16 players make it out of pools, so making it out of pools is a hell of an accomplishment.

Good luck to all of the NW, I can’t wait to see who makes it through to the final 8! Let’s do it!

ST is on Saturday, he should be there. I just dont get how Portland and Seattle are in the same pool.

Sabin - dhalsim
fatboy - dhalsim
Edma - ?
Jason Cole - dhalsim
Jason Nelson - guile? dictator?
NKI - chun li
RayBladeX - boxer
Kusumondo - blanka

Looks like you’ve got the dhalsim bracket!

I’m going up against MikeZ in my brackets, and another guy names Mono, who plays Guile as a main on his team. The rest I don’t know about, but I’m pretty happy. :slight_smile:

Apparently Randy Lew is really good too.

Edma plays Ryu… sometimes ken.

Jeebus those pools are hella monsterous.

Samb posting

“looks like Imma rape niggas early”

Thanks guys. Looks better than last time where the Cannons busted out the Claws like their life depended on it. Only Mechanicalz plays Dhalsim and that nig has been MIA. I have yet to fight one with my new and improved Gief.

Kusumondo plays Honda. Which makes it even funnier should he end up in Pablo’s bracket. Pablo’s Gief is hardbody now. He gets his the fast way, ski mask way. So no worries.

I remember at Evo 2003, Jason Cole just randomly came up and started talkin to me. That guy is pretty tight.

I hear he’s good at Street Fighter or something