Evo Predictions/debates concerning Mvc2

Since a lot of players have been debating on who can beat who, who will win evo, etc… I thought I’d start a random thread about it, so players or spectators can discuss these things with each other. I’d expect things to come up such as: “Do you think duc will win evo again?” “Will justin reclaim his title?” And the general stuff about your favorite player doing good, who will get top 5 and other stuff.

Anyway, chat away because it’ll be interesting to see what people think will happen in Mvc2 this year because the comp is very vicious this time around.


JWong seems unbeatable this year; but anything can happen

Final 8 predictions (saying if all of the following show up/no order):

Justin Wong, Sanford, Duc, Yipes, Demon Hyo, Erik, Chunksta, Potter

Again, anything can happen (I hope I see some upsets though, those are always interesting)

Top 8

justin sanford yipes smooth chunksta brandon random random random

duc will be somewhere in the 100s cuz he aint leaving his pool lolz

i always root agianst justin simply because i want someone else to win, but if there still isn’t anyone that can beat him, then by all means he deserves to win.

IMO duc got lucky last year, if justin had picked santhrax in his fight agianst yipes, im sure he would’ve won, and the GF would have been duc vs justin.

Don’t get me wrong tho YIPES is the shit, but Still justin is still ahead of the game.

Really beating someone in a 2/3 doesn’t prove whos better when you consider that if both players have almost the same skill level, then the wins can be random.

However best of luck to all the players, i can only hope that the best player wins.

I would be very surprised if the top two wasn’t Justin and Sanford. After that, there are lots of people who could grab 3rd through 8th. So many beasts these days, I don’t even know where to start…

Top 8:

Justin, Sanford, Duc Do, Yipes, Potter, Chunkstah, Demon Hyo, Soo

Justin 1st, Sanford 2nd.

i wanna say Dhyo n Wong in the finals n in Sanford n Yipes LF but idk im saying this unless Brandon pulls off that crazy shit he did at evo east it will be Wong, Sanford,Brandon,Yipes, Duc, Potter, Chunk, n Soo… too much madness will occur i can feel it

1-3 wong/sanf/yipes, depending on how brackets, lf/wf goes. BOTH of them have eliminated wong before.

4-5: chunksta/erik… I feel that way, just because despite erik placing higher @ ecc, from the way they run, i feel almost as though they’re equal in terms of overall skill

6-8: this is a toss up between potter, duc, soo, d.hyo, and wigfall, IMHO…

potter’s good, but i don’t think he can beat EC’s lineup and chunksta. duc is good, but i’m not sure he can pull it off again. Soo, I’m not sure about. the guy beasts, and then he sucks 2 matches later… idon’t understand it, it’s almost like wigfall or chris… it just dissappoints me that those three players have so much potential, but they mess up so easily… but whatever. they’re still light years ahead of me… demon is just … a fucking demon, and he’s awesome, no doubt, but i don’t know if he can take out NY + chunksta… Wigfall, I already mentioned. those last players, aside from Duc that i mentioned (potter, soo, wigfall, and brandon), are about even in terms of skill as far as i’m concerned and from what i’ve seen. Duc’s good, but I think yipes has shaped up since last year to play spirals, and i don’t see sanford/wong losing to him. Erik / Chunk might go ties with him, but i’ve never seen them play against a spiral player, so I have no true comment about that.

Top 3 could STILL be sanford/wong/duc, no particular order there… it’s a toss up, and since wong has been eliminated before, it’s still scratchy… sanford’s just a monster… wong can beat anything on his good days, and 99% of everything on his off days… Duc uses an (in today’s standards), unorthodox team, and is therefore a wild card almost in that argument.

With this much money on the line you better just hand Justin the check. Guaranteed hunger.

Duc Do

a couple of NY and Cali players.

Plus some random Japanese player/s(too much money involved, they have to atleast try to win, thus randoming some top players out)

I’ll just say this: I feel bad for anyone that’s in Sanford’s bracket during the pools. :nunchuck:

I would be suprised if Sanford makes it to Evo, if history is a guide.

i dunno… he’s pre-reg… would be too hype too… I wanna see the king of thrax play… and d.hyo, if you can, I wanna test his thrax out… his thrax against my scrub… 2/3 for 5, if he doesn’t mind beastin’ on some fl. player.

i think soo will take 1st, then soo/soo prolly 2nd/3rd. after that 4-8 is a toss up between the soo’s.

hey soo, you owe me a rematch from last years fiend vs fiend… do you need a loan of 10 bucks again? :slight_smile:

I predict some new editions to my Gucci collection. :cool:

Well judging from last year when Yipes went, he turned heads and made the game hype last year.
This year, I think Erik(Smoothviper) will do the same, he’s been on fire this year.

Sanford is coming, don’t worry. He’s fully sponsored and he’ll be on the plane with me on friday. As far as casual goes, I’m sure he’ll probably play some casual when he feels like it. I guess you’ll just have to catch him while he’s playing.

my prediction is this year will be so hype marvel dies cause nothing else can top it and potter comes into to the thizzle dance and the dips go dumb